Monday, October 3, 2016

The attention span of a 15 year old scrolling through Instagram that deems a 30 second  BuzzfeedTasty recipe video, TOO LONG. THAT is where I'm at folks, at least my attention span that is.

Goddammit, where and when have I lost all sense of focus and direction!? I mean I am 24 years old for crying out loud, my attention span should not be that of a prepubescent teen whose complete childhood has revolved around technology products that start with a lowercase i. But nonetheless, here I am with 9 tabs open on my internet browser and google searches after every thought that pops into my mind. Hence this tangled mess of searches that went over a span of 10 minutes...

- Looking up "Upper Paleolithic" for school
     -Remembering I had a stray chin hair, so i googled that.
        -Wondered why we had hair in the first place, googled YT video on that
          -Had this video in my recommended feed featuring Nathan Kress from iCarly
            -Watched it, then realized I used to love iCarly so i googled that
              -Googled all the cast members and ended on a wedding video
                 -Remembered i want to plan a wedding so I googled a venue
                     - Had an ad appear for some flats which I proceeded to search for online
                         -Had a Hilary Clinton pop up message which then prompted me to look up the latest
                           Trump scandal...which then had me...
                             -Looking up Alicia Machado, stalk her twitter & IG
                               -Which for some reason sparked a thought in my brain regarding Univision
                                  -Which reminded me of "Despierta America"
                                     - Upper Paleolithic who?!
See what I mean?

I don't get it. I mean, is this a product of the day and age we live in? <---was that just me trying to blame my own lack of focus on "technology"? Either way, when there is no focus, nothing gets done. I'm noticing how I am a bouncing ball of intentions but no actions. My old friend procrastination is starting to look like a better acquaintance now. Which now that I think of, I should probably get back to researching Upper Paleolithic, I have an assignment due in 2 days and haven't started. AT ALL.

Guess my old friend really hasn't gone away too far after all huh? Ahhhh procrastination, you have never been so comforting.


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