Friday, May 15, 2015

Finding My Spiritual Haven

I finally had a chance to get out of the city guys! Finally! A trip all for myself, for me to enjoy in all its entirety. This is actually the first time that I DRIVE anywhere on my own as I don't really know why I've never done it (maybe the conviction of having a whole car that can be filled with people to be taken somewhere is what stops me). Zion for me holds a very special place in my heart. It is a place of personal renewing, cleansing, and healing, a place where I can seek refuge when the world has gotten a little "out of whack" for me. No or poor cell phone service, limited shops, and an abundance in nature make it a perfect place to get away. I have been meaning to get myself to the vast and amazing canyons for some time and every time I want to go, it's ALWAYS forecasted to rain. ALWAYS. So I never went. I wanted to go on a day where it was sunny so the sun could caress my face and the rivers could cool me down. How wrong was I to think that the best time to go to Zion was in the hot blistering heat? I decided to go anyways even with the chance of rainstorms and I am so glad that I did. I figured it must be a sign from the Universe as to why I was meant to experience this amazing place in the rain.
The meaning of the Rain symbols were very important as water in every form as one of the most vital elements for the sustenance of life. Rain symbols signified renewal, fertility and change. Rain and raindrops were used as symbols to represent plentiful crops. The meaning of the rain clouds was a magical symbol to promote good prospects in the future.
 & then I realized that I was SUPPOSED to go in the rain.
My spirit NEEDED the rain.
The aroma of change and renewing were on the horizon and this whole time the wondrous universe wanted me to experience it.
So I did. In all its amazing glory. I hiked through different pathways, enjoying every single drop of Mother Nature. & it was glorious. SO DAMN GLORIOUS.
I sat here next to the river for almost 3 hours, meditating, reading, being one with Mother Earth. Thanking her for all the gifts she has given me and for this new connection that I had made with her during the past year
& I was sooo sooo happy. I took some pictures but left the cellphone on the side most of the time as I wanted to be as technology free as I could, after all, it interferes with energy ya know.

So now I shall call this place, my spiritual haven.
My place of renewal, my place of refuge
My place to be close to the earth and all that pure energy that it has to offer.
My place of gratitude for everything that this universe has given to me.
A place to be one with the essence of my being.
A place of love.
A place for myself and for my soul to feel peace and tranquility.

& I couldn't be anymore happier <3

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