Friday, May 1, 2015

Dear 7 Year Old Fany

Dear Fany,
You are 7 years old and I can bet you are probably thinking you are the coolest 2nd grader EVER.
Let me tell you, you're right, you ARE the coolest 2nd grader EVER.
You know...all those feelings you have towards Leonardo DiCaprio are totally legit, I don't know if you know what that word means yet, but if you don't just know its the same as "tight". and you shouldn't feel ashamed for reading an obscene amount of Boxcar children & Babysitter's club books instead of playing kickball or foursquare with those other kids. Reading is way cooler anyways, and all those books will eventually get you a lunch with the principal since you climbed your way up in that Accelerated Reading program you love so much.
You know something, even though you have that easy going heart of yours, I know that deep down all that changing of elementary schools has left you a little unstable. Having gone to 3 elementary schools in the last few years has left you with incomplete friendships and an apprehension for new beginnings. You don't get too comfortable because you don't know if you will be reaped from your cultivated ground without notice, but don't worry kiddo, it's okay. Just enjoy the moment with those classmates and those teachers that will in some way or another leave their mark in you. Enjoy your time with Ms. Clesen, (at the time you might not know exactly who Monica Lewinsky is but she totally looks like her) and with Monze and Fatima, your best of friends at that time. Don't be worried or sad when you have to move again almost at the end of the year to another school, as it will be the best thing that will happen to you! You'll have Mr. McCormick and Ms Young as you're teachers and they'll show you all sorts of things! They'll teach you how to perfect a dictionary search and how to write in perfect cursive. They have awesome old computers that you'll get to play Oregon Trail on and that will teach you how to convert dollars into Yen. You'll learn your times tables in song form that you will use until you're 23 & most important of all, you'll discover how to show others your photography and art. You'll take pictures with your polaroid camera and will bring them to show & tell. You'll conduct mini photography sessions near that huge tree in the kickball field during recess and people will pay you in double fudge bars and stickers. (Mama, will be a little mad at how fast your polaroid film goes, but you don't care, "its for class!"). You'll learn all about Jackson Pollock and will do one of your own murals for art week at school that will stay up until way after you graduate high school!  You will learn a lot of things, so don't be scared, be excited!
You know what else is exciting?
Moving into that new house right on Melinda Ave. perfectly placed on the curve, with the ideal driveway and backyard. You'll get your own room for THE FIRST TIME EVER and you'll get to choose whatever color to paint it. Of course you choose a baby blue, because HELLO, its the best color EVERRR! & one day when you get home from school you'll see how Mama completely remodeled it with all your favorite things and colors. Pastel blues, greens, and yellows will reign, butterflies and flowers will be sprinkled in different ways all around. That room will be your sanctuary, and rightfully so.
Fany, I know you like to be #1.
You like to be the best and the greatest. The best in grades, the best in the class, the winner in contests and all reading exams (you have a 12th grade reading level!) and you'll get used to it. You'll get used to people telling you that you're the best. Don't place all your value on it. There will be a few times when you won't be the best, when you'll be 2nd place, or when you won't win at all, and you know what?
That's okay.
That doesn't mean that you are any less of a person or that you are doing things wrong.
It doesn't mean that people don't like you or that you aren't doing a good job.
It just means that you won't always win. Sometimes you have to lose.
& this will be incredibly hard for you to understand.
Maybe the hardest thing you ever learn at this age.
Those times that you got beat at the spelling bee on the 2nd round or the time you didn't even make it into the finals for that art contest. That time when Mr. McCormick made someone else student of the month when you had been working really hard to make sure you got it. That time they didn't pick you to help them or were told by someone else that you were always a "teacher's pet" and needed to knock it off.
Those instances didn't make you any less of a girl. They didn't mean that you weren't good enough.
Be strong and be understanding. Don't get too hooked on what people think of you. Even though you're only 7, the sooner you learn this, the more pain you'll avoid as you grow up. Trust me.
Also trust me on:
Not rejecting those peanut butter sandwiches mom sneaks over the fence to you. You will be tempted to just take the juice box or coca cola, but don't. Take the sandwich!
Don't hang around that "Jack" kid from next door. He's mean and will make you cry.
You'll make "butter" by vigorously shaking baby bottles full of milk and salt, don't eat it, it's gross and probably unsanitary.
Instead of searching for 35 cents at a time for a bag of chips from the corner mini mart, just look for the full 2$ so you can buy them all at one time. You'll make about 6 trips in a span of an hour and half if you don't.
You'll be the ONLY kid (along with your sister) in the entire school that dresses in French Toast uniforms. You might be tempted to hate on them and be annoyed at mom for dressing you in this way, but ROCK IT GIRL. Own those maryjane shoes and pleated navy dresses and polos.
You'll get a crush on Rafa, the 10 year old kid from down the street. He's got cool light brown hair, knows how to do tricks on his bike, and has a smile that could make you melt. Don't get too caught up're 7. Focus on chalk and tag, not boys. (You end up seeing him again at 13 and make smores at a family bonfire, but he ends up getting married to a family friend's daughter and becomes some sort of drug dealer, uh uh, nope.)
NEVER STOP WATCHING ARTHUR, EVER. & Enjoy all those Zoom episodes because they'll eventually stop making them. (I know....I know.)
Don't get in front of that kid during the piñata breaking, they'll hit your back and you'll forever have back problems because of it.
Always remember how awesome you are. You are capable of so many things. Never stop dreaming. All of those things that you want to do, about helping the world, and traveling, and taking pictures you will do. Keep nurturing those passions, even if kids make fun of you. Don't ever stop dreaming.
Be brave, be bold, be daring and be kind. Life will make sure to take you in the right path.
I love you little Fany. You are one amazing kid.
Your Future Self

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