Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Thoughts I wrote about the way a song makes me feel. Words that only really make sense to me.  Written as I listened to it, letting the nostalgia seep deep into my soul.

Self destroy or self discovery?
Not really sure.
I tend to discover myself in the pit of nostalgia and I'm not certain why.
When I listen to it my heart wrenches and is transported to the tears of another world.
I feel like it wasn't even real, it was all so surreal.
Images of those come to mind and I question the reality of events.
My body tingles and my body resists giving in because It knows the emptiness that lies before.
& it fades in the everlonging of the "what if."
& I play it again.
Self destroy or self discovery?
Coming to terms, accepting.. way past that point.
Knowing only what I know, memories of streets and faded stares of infinity.
Giving me only what I know, like a psychedelic high, a dream which at one point was.
Words that flowed like honey onto the surface of my skin.
Lamp posts that shone with the sunrise and the feeling of no tomorrow.
There was only the warp of your voice and your hands that seemed to intertwine with my mind.
The comfort of knowing that one day it would all go away
Dreading the day in which the fickle feeling would find another home.
Living in what is, a dark shining memory you shall be, my blood wondering if we'll ever meet again.
Bricks and skylines and everything else we said was ours.
Embraces and strands of long everlasting hours.

It fades. It fades. fades. fades. fades.

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