Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unpictured & Flight Misunderstandings

Rambly rambles.

I'm currently sitting in an airport waiting for a flight. I don't usually carry my laptop with me so this time I don't really mind waiting the extra 5 hours, especially since there is Jamba Juice inside the terminal meaning Acai Bowls!. It's really funny how things actually happened and it sort of got me thinking of the way things sometimes turn out due to outside or uncontrollable circumstances. It got me thinking, is it really all coincidence or predetermined destiny? Is somehow luck? Or were things bound to happen because karma was in our favor in that exact moment?  So today we were supposed to board a flight at 5 pm, naturally I arrive at the airport with enough time to check in my bags, meaning I was here way before 5, there I go like any other passenger trying to make sure  all of their information is squared away. No confirmation number found.....okay. No worries, I got my Driver's License. *pulls out drivers license* "Sorry Ms. Arochi, I can't seem to find anything under your name OR your birthday." SHIT. Okay, no worries, maybe if I give them a destination name, names of the other passengers that were supposed to be traveling with me or something they were bound to find something....right??! Nothing. Okay, no worries I though, I usually tend to be a good cucumber when it comes to stressful situations...I'll just wait for the rest of my team to show up and they'll find me. The thing is you have up to 45 minutes before your flight departs for you to check in your bag, after that you're screwed...and the clock showed 4:11 p.m. Damn. I frantically start making some phone calls, texting the rest of my team to see if they were anywhere close. They arrive and to our luck we weren't even scheduled to leave today. LIKE WE WERENT EVEN ON THE SCHEDULE. Our flight was booked for the week after. What?! How is this possible? We have a training seminar to do tomorrow we can't possibly miss this flight. So what did the nice lady at Southwest do for us? Get us on the next flight to San Diego, except that this flight didn't leave till 9:30 pm, or close to it. Hey...we ran our luck and the damn thing got to the finish line...aint that a thing? So now I sit here with the rest of the group, chilling for the next couple of hours till we can get ourselves on that ole plane of theirs.

Thank the heavens and all that habits it for my laptop! I'm thinking I should really finish posting some of those Temoaya pictures that I never showed the internet. Oh man, they are a beut. I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything but the peacefulness and the amazingness that I met up in that mountainess region of the State of Mexico was such an incredible thing that I am a little ashamed that I haven't shown you guys,or the small amount of people that manage to come on here and read this rambles of mine.

I'm getting a cramp in my leg....dang it. They suck, so I have to keep awkwardly adjusting my legs.

You know what else is on my mind now Chai Lattes. Damn you Chai Lattes. You consume me when I start to make these posts. The last rambles that I manage to shell out dedicated a whole section to those damn Oprah Chai good. But I wont get into it too much, for that you can go and read here.

So since now I have a hankering for a chai latte, I shall end this short but rather detailed rambles here. Maybe I'll decide to update it later, or maybe i'll just post it like it is. In all its short glory. Let it be body positive and strut what it has. I guess not all blog posts have to be all frilly and fancy, this blog post SHALL NOT BE BODY SHAMED! It should be content with what it has. It shouldn't be ashamed for the lack of pictures or common grammar sense. I love you little post, words and all.

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