Thursday, January 22, 2015

Current Mood

My current mood towards everything and almost everyone today....& that's okay. Bad days don't happen super often in my realm but when they do they are beasts. Ironically enough, I just become quiet and solemn...often crying in the corner or wherever there is a tree (trees are magical and holders of super awesome energy).But just like this picture, I smile and laugh at them cause just like everything else, they are temporary and should be embraced.  As my abuelita used to say, no todo puede ser color de rosas, dark hues and tints also like to be appreciated. I'm sitting here at work waiting for this meeting to end so I can go enjoy a DosEquis with the boo and watch Guster do their thang. Hopefully they decide to be inconsiderate and show up way past the scheduled time so I can get there in time and let the good feels flow.


Blame it on the Mercury Retrograde guys

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