Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Sometimes you forget about those things that make you happy.
Those small little moments or places or mannerisms that fill your heart.
But every once in a while, you remember...and all of a sudden, you're filled with all kinds of good feels.
I forgot what it was like to appreciate the morning chill upon the warmth of my skin.
I had forgotten the happiness that cascades upon me the second I light a candle.
I had forgotten the way the wooden paintbrush feels between my fingers.
I had forgotten the way each fruit so delicately ripens to perfection just so I can eat it.
I had forgotten how the best memories form out of spontaneity and crazy ideas.
I had forgotten how the love we had was there all along.
I had forgotten the joy that solo grocery shopping brings me, especially at Trader Joe's.
I had forgotten the beauty that exists within the carefully curated leaves that fall upon my balcony.
I had forgotten the power and splendor that lays upon direct human eye contact.
I  had forgotten how whole I feel when I write.
I had forgotten the glee it brings me when I have lunch outside in the atmosphere.
I had forgotten how much I love the park and the people I see in it.
I had forgotten how amazing and truly extraordinary I am.

& when I realized all these things, I realized it's ALL in the small things.
The small things make the big things. Life is the small things. The things that truly matter. Life is exciting when I slow down and appreciate those small things. & man, am I happy.

I am so happy.

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