Monday, September 1, 2014

Late Night Rambles

Late night ramble post! Yayyyy! It's been a while since I've done one of those, at least I feel like it has been. So if you don't know how these work, I literally type whatever comes to my mind without really caring if I make sense. Now, that sounds like most of my rambles on here (with the exception of the sometimes well thought out post) so no judgment on punctuation, grammar, or common sense for that matter allowed here. I'm currently sitting at a Starbucks and its 1:17 AM. Thank the Heavens for 24 hour coffeeshops, seriously. Especially when homegirl ain't got no internet and there were papers on the line that needed to be submitted. Life officially saved. You know what else has saved me today? Everything. Literally. Today was a damn good day.
I finished volunteering/staffing for a personal development training that started since Thursday. Man was that an experience. Spending time with these people over the course of 4 days, equating to almost 50 hours is pretty intense and amazing. To see them grow in such a short amount of time and to see how their expressions radically turn by Sunday afternoon. The satisfaction of having someone come up to you and tell you how thankful they are to you for being there for them and supporting them through this short but life changing process is pretty awesome. amazing. crazy. wonderful.
Then after that some friends called me up and we went on some photographic journeys together. We had some challenges we had to do and got my creative juices going. We ended up spending the whole afternoon together, walking through The Strip, eatin fro-yo, taking pictures, and talking about how rad the violin sounds live.
& that leads me to here. Now I sit here at Starbucks after being forced to come here for the lack of internet at my house. I had some papers that were due and that needed to be submitted by 11:59...The enviornmnt here actually forced me to work and get some stuff done. It's nice. I'm seriously considering not paying for internet anymore. I mean, I could just come here, its not far and the enviorment is chill. Why do I keep spelling environment wrong? But I didn't this last time so what the heck! Im listening to The Smiths station on Pandora and holy hell is this a good station. Seriously, how in the world did I forget how ridiciloulsy awesome The Cure and Depeche Mode are?! I also had a chai latte...but not the regular chai latte...the OPRAH CHAI LATTE! Damn you Oprah. Why is it 35 cents more expensive? It's that Oprah touch man. The markups get crazy when she's involved. but I don't mind. She introduced me to Dr. Oz, Williams & Sonoma, Teavana, and Tom Cruise making a fool of himself, what more could I ask for? Theyre putting chairs up... the lady that works here at starbucks is putting chairs up, does that mean she wants us to leave? but that cant happen, cause this place is 24 hours, why would she put the chair up? it's useless, oohh. wait.........shes mopping. I guess that makes sense, I mean she needs the space to mop and even the best of 24 hour places need mopping. Guess that life. & that's okay. Kids, even the best of us need a mopping every once in a while. Cause it's impossible for specks of dirt to keep their distance when we seem so appealing to the soles of feet.
Damn. The Clash. Never heard them. I know...I know. What the hell. But seriously. Theyre freaking awesome. Rock the Casbah. Well don't mind if I do.....Currently rocking the casbah....
I always wanted to work at SB. (that's short for starbucks, cause my generation, which includes me, that's why it's mine is so lazy to spell a 9 letter word) They never called me back. I should try it again. I don't care about pay....or status. I just want to work here. Make some coffee and make some people happy. Its on my bucket list, I should get going. I want a green apron. & Oprah Chai Lattes at my disposal.
Alright I should probably go. I'm pretty tired and Tears For Fears is really getting to me. In a good way. Damn you 80's music! Why you so good and bad at the same time?! Some of your stuff is really bad...then you hit me with this Pandora station and i'm all good feely now. You're awesome Pandora. NO, this isint an advertisement to Pandora. They should pay me though. For me to mention them so many times they should. I accept payments in donuts. Especially those whipped cream filled Krispy Kremes.... they sooooo good! Alright im leaving im tired and sleepy. NO work tomorrow! Yessss! Life is so good.
Oh yeah, and these pictures I took today. My photog friends are so awesome. I love that I can be a complete idiot around them when taking pictures and they totally understand and will act a fool with me just for the sake of capturing a good shot. We layed on concrete, trespassed forbidden foliage, and created angles with our bodies that were unknown to man before today.
& it was normal.
That's what lifes about my friends. Finding people you can act a fool with and it feel normal.

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