Friday, July 11, 2014


Daydreamer. I am most definitely a daydreamer. One that spends the days wishing and wanting, letting reality slip through my hands at a rather frequent pace. Ever since I was little I would imagine these grandiose adventures of me saving the day, cats from trees and old ladies from the street. Images would conjure in my head of an audience cheering me on as I rocked out on the guitar. So much so, that I would frequently be covered in bruises as I pretended to "jump into the crowd" (or as the real world would call it, "stupidly jumping off the bed or couch straight into the floor"). However, with age, even though daydreaming has not ceased one bit, I find myself thinking of other things, of other hopes and fantasies. Now my meandering thoughts consist of traveling to different countries, backpacking through cultures and meeting & talking to all sorts of people. Of navy blue couches with plants hanging all over my house...and a fig leaf tree, how the hell could I forget my fig leaf tree. I daydream of those constantly, have you ever seen one? They are stunning. I wander and get lost in thoughts of filming short videos and creating podcasts (which the first one we recorded last night! More on that later), of writing books and sharing my thoughts with people of all places and ages. Of getting on a stage of some sort and giving a talk on what I think, why I think it and why they should know. I guess you can say I haven't completely given up on my rockstar dream, my thoughts still stray into said territory, only this time they are transformed into acoustic nights in a cafĂ© or lounge where I play and sing words that only I will ever know the real meaning of. I dream of camping by the beach for days on end, juicing, and meditating, and letting my thoughts wave away with the ocean. I let my mind run wild into many things and places and people and events.
& I thought to myself. Why not do all these things?
Why not go out there and do everything I spend countless days wondering about? Why not be a "do-er"? What is it that stops me from doing everything I want to do? Fear? Laziness? Money? Work?
What is stopping you?
 I heard my inner self say to my outer self
& it was at that moment that I gave up on my daydreaming and started flirting with action. With the "doing it" part. Of actually fulfilling and not just thinking about it, wishing that one day I'll do it, one day I'll get to it. Letting go of the mentality that "I could never do that" cause you know what? I fucking can. I can do whatever the hell I want, when I want to and how I want to make it happen. Sooooooo what does this mean? It means I'm going to let go and do and live the life I have before me...actually fucking live it. Try new things, do that of which I've always wanted to do...
So I'm going to work on getting that navy blue couch, on backpacking through Asia, and on writing that book. In the meanwhile I'm going to start that Podcast show (first episode should be up this week!) learn the guitar, and pickup that rusty soccer ball that's been out in my balcony. Why? Cause life is too damn short to not live it, to not do whatever the fuck you want to do regardless of how crazy or out of reach it sounds. So pick up all those thoughts you have in your head, all those goals that seem impossible and do them. Do everything in your power to make them come true. You're no different than everyone else who's done them so stick with it. Live the life you want to live. Be the person you want to be. Be a Walter Mitty (after he decides to go to Greenland of course) and do the damn thing.

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