Friday, May 2, 2014

Spilled Thoughts

A place I often visit to meditate and whatnot

Random Thoughts Time.

I know, I know, I have a lot of these. These thoughts, that after a while, start to become uneasy after they are left too long in my mind. So since I've taken it upon myself to free-type nonstop for the next 30 minutes, I can't guarantee anything substantial will come out of this post. However, I look to the bright side and ask that you too take some time to free-type/write when you're thoughts are feeling rambunctious and mindlessly wandering the internets just doesn't cut it anymore. So what now? Where do we go from here? The first thought that just popped into my mind (and has rather been on my mind lately) is how ridiculously fast this year is going by. I mean, we are already in May! Next up is June, summer in full galore, and before we know it, we'll be carving pumpkins and rummaging through old boxes to find our cold weather jackets, but that's where my next thought come in, and somehow they are all tied together by this wonderful string.

Focus on the NOW.

It's something I have to keep reminding myself constantly when I start to ponder upon what could be, what should be, what one day was or will become. Because we only have now, and only recently has this thought really clicked. My neurons charged with this thought, bringing upon me such an electrifying feeling. We only have now, and that now will one day become the past, so why not enjoy it and make it everything you want it to be. If you focus on the now and on making the now that exhilarating moment you crave, won't your whole life be this one amazing adventure? Focusing on the now has opened my mind to many things. On reminding me to enjoy THIS moment to it's fullest because that's all that really matters. Constantly working on not thinking of the possible future, because that is only an illusion, one construed in our minds to comfort the fact that we are not living to our fullest potential in the now. We focus on the past, because we are to afraid to let go of what made us happy in the "then" and rather grasp what happened rather than open ourselves to the new and endless possibilities that await us. Which brings me to my next point.


Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. A mantra I practice daily, repeating it every chance I get. Because one's fear does not start simply at the end of their comfort zone, it ALREADY exists within their comfort zone. The fear is there and we choose to let it rule us and keep us in that same place. I remind myself to not be afraid of my feelings, of getting hurt, of being myself. I remind myself to not be afraid of failure, because it is failure that makes us great. It is failure that makes us appreciate our successes, is it not? Without failure, we cannot fully savor and relish the progress and the taste of victory. It is only our fear that holds us back. In anything in life. Fear of letting go of a job you dislike because you don't know if the future has anything better. Fear of falling in love, because they might break your heart. Fear of skydiving, because something might go wrong. There will always be a con to your pro, don't let fear stop you from getting to the pro. Because let me tell you, that pro might be the one thing that changes everything, that starts you on this path of amazingness. Which leads me to my last point.


I am amazing. We are all freaking amazing. Incredible human beings who have managed to win the sperm war and are living testimonies of how badass we are. We are all born with an undeniable essence. Pure and full of ambition and hunger for life. We have let the world, society, and life itself place its wraps around our hearts, around our essence and cover our true element. That magnificent human being that is beneath all of those hard carcass shells, will one day be ready to come out and relive what pertains to it. Once you let it out, once you remove everything and rediscover that, nothing can stop you. I have discovered this within me and its freaking amazing. To see how much potential I have and how much I am truly capable of. I invite you to go meditate for a while, find yourself, be at peace with your soul. It's one of those life changing things that has happened to me that I can truly say is "life changing".

Well it's a thing now, for me at least. To keep progressing, keep moving, keep finding something else. To not stop. To be at peace with myself and to love myself. It's a beautiful thing. It's a DAILY thing, to keep nourishing that spirit and that essence everyday is crucial. I've been meditating lately, going on long runs outside, appreciating the sun on my face and my surroundings. Showing my feelings to those I love and being grateful for all that life has given me.

Gratefulness is key. Being grateful even in the time of turmoil, because it is there where you realize how you can overcome anything and anyone. Realizing it is oneself who has control over themselves. Not the surroundings or the people, but oneself. It's awesome to understand this concept, because you realize you are in control of where you go. You are in control of your happiness and how you progress, of how you react to situations and how you handle them.

Random thoughts spilled, I aint even going to proof read this thing cause I'll look back and appreciate everything I wrote, mistakes and all. Just like life.

<3 Stef

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