Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Tips for Inner Peace

1. Let go of people who only come to you to share their complaints, problems, disasters, fears, and judgment of others. If someone is seeking a space to throw their trash in, don't let it be your mind.

2. Pay your bills and debts on time. At the same time, ask those who owe you to pay you back or choose to let it go if them paying you back is not an option.

3. Keep your promises. If you've failed to do so, ask yourself why and try and find the reason. You always have the right to have a change of opinion, apologize, re-negotiate, and offer and alternative to the un-kept promise, however, don't let this become a habit or a norm. Remember, the easiest way to avoid not fulfilling something you don't want to do is to say no in the first place.

4. If possible, delegate tasks that you prefer not to do and dedicate your energy in doing things you enjoy spending your time on.

5. Give yourself permission to rest if you are in need of it and give yourself the same permission to act if you are in a moment of opportunity.

6. Throw away, organize, or recycle the items in your space, both at home and at work. Nothing wastes more energy than being in a space that is cluttered and full of things from the past that you don't need.

7. Give priority to your health. Without your body functioning at its full capacity, you aren't able to do much. Eat healthy, exercise, and create good sleeping habits. Remember it's a way of life, not just a temporary fix.

8. Face the toxic situations that you are currently tolerating in your life. From "rescuing a friend" who doesn't want help, to tolerating negative actions and attitudes from a partner, family member, or co-worker. Take the  necessary action to face the problem and either accept it and be at peace or walk away.

9. Accept. Its not giving up, remember that. Nothing is more exhausting than resisting and fighting against a situation that you cannot change.

10. Forgive. Let go of a situation that has or is causing you pain and heartache, you ALWAYS have the choice to leave the hurt aside and choose a path of happiness and peace.

*As much as I wish these wonderful words of wisdom were written by me, they were actually given  during a leadership course I recently took, and they came with no author. I was so moved by them that I couldn't help but share them with you all. I encourage you to implement these tips in your daily life so you too can experience inner peace and tranquility. It is something amazing when you realize you have complete control of your state of being. You choose to be happy and at peace, remember that nothing in this life can affect you unless you let it.

<3 Stef

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