Friday, April 18, 2014

Be Attached To Nothing

We get so attached to everything we have and everything we do. We get attached to our ideas, our way of doing things, to places, to things and the many people present in our lives, not knowing that all of our attachments will only bring us anguish, sorrow and suffering.

Many of us can’t seem to grasp this idea of non-attachment. Years ago I couldn’t understand it either, but as time went by and as I started to ponder upon this idea and as I started to practice it, I got better at it. I am not saying I am at the level where I can have things, where I can move from one place to another, where I can leave or be left by those I love without feeling sad. I really believe it takes time and practice to get there, but I am definitely way better at it than I was years ago.

It will be so much easier if we could appreciate what we have, if we could appreciate our friends, our family, if we could love all of them without being attached to them. I know it might sound crazy, insane, you name it, but think about it for a second, nothing in this world lasts forever… The people you love, they will leave you one day; the career you now have, one day it will be gone; the house you live in, one day will no longer be yours; the body you have, your beauty, your youth, they will all be gone eventually, and if that’s the case, why continue to pretend as if you are going to inherit the planet?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grand Canyon, AZ

So, as I had mentioned in this post, for my birthday, Isaac surprised me with a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon! My adventure partner knew how much I've been longing to head over to see one of nature's seven wonders, and man is it a sight! We stayed in Tusuyan, which was a few minutes outside the actual park, which was surprisingly really nice. We chatted up the local people that worked there and realized that we went during a good off season time since crowds were small and hotel prices were lower than usual. We had a really good time, embracing and taking in all the unbelievable sights, watching the sunset, hiking, and visiting any exhibits or galleries that they had. My most favorite part of all of course was just sitting there looking out into the canyon and thinking of how amazing the earth is for creating this. Mother nature never fails to amaze me.

<3 Stef