Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Estoy Viva

Keeping up with this blog when I'm not very inspired is an excuse I know all too well. Whatever the laziness pretext I'm back, and half-heartedly ready to once again return to posting what I love the most, my pictures and random ideas. Even though sometimes I don't "have the time", coming here and sharing my personal thoughts just gives me such release that my body starts to crave when I don't keep up with it. My "cursi" soul starts to wonder when I will let it out for the internets to discover. Cause you know, I could just get a journal (which I do), but the narcissist in me believes that one day someone will read these unnecessary thoughts of mine and relate a little to the emotions that inhabit my multi conscious.

So what's next? Where do we go from here?

Life's been alright, the days keep passing by faster than ever, I remember November like it was just yesterday. I guess that what happens as one gets older, right? No wonder when I worked for the ophthalmologist, the older folks would always say they were just there a few months ago when in reality we haven't seen them in 3 years. Oh age, you silly thing, you never fail to make us feel more stupid that what we already portray to be. Alas, I don't let this get to me. Time is time, and no matter how positive I am about it, I can't help but let it's creepy hands grab me by the neck and seduce me carefully till the critical moment is over and once again I'm left in the rubble of my own time wasting. Staying positive right? Okay, positive.....positive....positive.

Yes! Positive!

-I visited the Grand Canyon and more of a beauty there could not be. Her canyons and valleys so gorgeously encrusted over the surface of the earth, with hues of purple, blue, and pink grazing the sky above. I could literally sit there staring at it for hours. HOURS. It was that majestic. That beautiful.

-I took a quick day trip to Los Angeles and visited Downtown and my favorite La Placita Olvera.

-My leadership team and I were surprised with a dinner in the park at sunset hour. A freaking 3 course meal-with wine glasses-and real tablecloths-dinner in the park. Out in the open air as we watched the sunset set over Las Vegas from Hollywood Park. It was indescribable.

-I scored a box full of fresh organic mangos for less than $10.

-I've finally mastered my go to lunch meal & have discovered the awesomeness of turkey melts.

-It's getting warmer outside and I can't complain about that! #sunbaby4lyfe

So since I do like to take pictures here are a few from the Grand Canyon (full post to come soon) and from LA day trip. (:

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