Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cosmovitral // Toluca, Mexico

Hello there beautiful people! Today I bring to you some snippets of what I consider to be one of Toluca's finest examples of cultural art, The Cosmovitral Botanical Garden o "Jardin Botanico". Art is a huge part of the Mexican culture as you can see, and it is no exception that we take pride in every aspect of it. Located in the center hub area of the city, the Cosmovitral is home to hundreds of plant species and brilliantly showcases the stained glass murals that enrobe the building all around. Originally built in 1910 to house the local flea market, the building as modeled after a train station, showcasing the tradition "Porfirian Era" architecture. The market later then relocated in 1975 and the building was closed.
Leopoldo Flores, an artist from the near town of Tenancingo, lobbied greatly to the government to turn the former marketplace into a space for art, in which he then came up with the idea of the stained glass murals. Flores spent an entire year designing the details, story, and concept of the murals to which create a beautiful story of the perfect harmony of creation, life, and love. Tours are given every day to explain the story and the history of the stained glass. The main feature, "El Hombre Sol" or Sun Man, is the center of the story, having all the murals connect to it, becoming a symbol for the city all around. It is amazing to see the degree of detail in every aspect of the art, even the positions! So much detail that Flores knew exactly where to place the Sun Man, so that every Spring Equinox, the sun aligns perfectly in the middle, making it shine brighter than ever.
After the murals were completed, Eizi Matuda, a Japanese Scientist who researched many types of plants in the state, designed the botanical garden part of the Cosmovitral. He carefully curated which types of plants would be appropriate to place inside, showcasing local species that he had classified. He also brought the "Lantern of Friendship" as a symbol of amicability between the state of Mexico and Japan. In it a small lantern burns, 24 hours a day.
Our wonderful tour guide, who explained the amazing detail and history of the building.
Day Mural// The colors are light, bright, and vibrant.
Night Mural// notice the gorgeous hues of blue and purple.
The "Lantern of Friendship"

The original plate to the market that was previously hosted here.
Look at that detail! Mindblown.
If you are ever in Toluca, Mexico (which you should visit anyway!) make sure to make some room in your schedule to visit this majestic beauty. A true testimony to the talent that the beautiful country of Mexico has bred.

<3 Stef

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