Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Los Angeles// Placita Olvera

Recently, my sisters, Isaac, and I made a day trip to the city of angels, Los Angeles.  We were craving to see the ocean and  since my youngest sister has never seen the vast beauty, we rented a car and made the 400 mile trip. We made several stops, but one of my favorites was at ¨La Placita Olvera¨ also known as Olvera Street.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Olvera Street was home to the first Mexican settlers back in the late 1700´s. It is known and recognized as the birthplace of the now metropolis, which retains most of the Mexican culture it was founded on. The architecture that was once present back in the original settlements, is still present today, with most of the entrances facing the alley. Street vendors crowd the small cobblestone street, selling everything from Mexican wooden toys, to sombreros, and authentic homemade candy.

Definitely a place to visit if you are in nearby, Mariachis or folkoric dancing is sure to greet you once you step into the plaza. If you want a taste of Mexico, and can}t get yourself to the real thing, this place will surely tie you over!

<3 Stef

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