Friday, September 6, 2013

Goodbye Summer

Summer you've been good. Even though I'm not some college sorority girl who can completely enjoy you, you let me relax and enjoy your heat with the occasional muggy rainstorm. I'll miss the fruit you bear the most, because we all know winter's oranges can only do so much. And those gorgeous 8 p.m. sunsets that boast the crayon colors that only came with the 64 pack (purple mountain majesty with a tinge of robins blue egg, anyone?) I enjoyed that perfect New York weather in the middle of June, and how you made the city blossom into your own personal botanical garden. I groaned at you then, when I came back home to 117 degree heat, but relished in your funny sense of humor, as you reminded me of the abundance of pools there were around me. I discovered your speciality of late August peaches, to which until this year, I was completely oblivious too. (What was I thinking?!)
You nudged me out of my comfort zone and led me to early morning lunch walks, they're much more practical, as I dodged the beaming sun and those pesky lunch crowds on the street. Who would have known, that you, would pass by me as fast as the years before, leaving behind a scent of watermelon and a desire for cutoff shorts. But I move on now, to your successor, Autumn. Whom, we here in Las Vegas, aren't too familiar with, but I am ready, and for that I thank you.

<3 Stef

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