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Is Ezra is A? // Pretty Little Liars' Mid-Season Finale

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Shock. Complete, utter, perplexing shock was what my body experienced during the last 30 seconds of the "Pretty Little Liars" mid season finale last night. Was it just me or was that ending the most insane gasp inducing thing ever?! Mostly because I was CERTAIN that it was going to be Wren who they showed and not the handsome Mr. Fitz. I must say, that last scene brought me more psychological distress than that Miley-Tongue-Blurred Lines fiasco that happened at the VMA's just a few days ago. This whole thing opened another can of worm in mind, leading me to stay up till 2 am researching "Ezra is A" theories and any motives this GORGEOUS man might have for being A. If you like me, are still in disbelief of what happened, let's try to bring each other some comfort with dissecting all the chaos that just occurred.

*This is not an official recap of the finale, since I won't be discussing in detail everything that happened in the episode and will mostly be talking about A

Okay, so many questions, not many answers, let's start of with the obvious one,

"Is Ezra A?"
Okay, So I know many people are thinking that the writers and producers of this show are pulling another "Toby Stunt" on us and having Ezra infiltrate the A Team to obtain information and protect Aria. Clearly, the writers aren't that monotonous to reuse a plot idea as the finale and don't think we, as the audience, are that dumb to think so. When it was revealed that the dark shadow figure was Ezra, he looked concerned at first, then angry as he slammed the door to the open closet. To me, he realized that the lair had been searched through and was angry at the fact that someone (or the girls) now know about his secret makeshift RBI (Instead of FBI...R for Rosewood...get it? This interview here, confirms that idea, stating that Ezra "really has something going on here" and this time it's for real. Personally, (and as far fetched and crazy as it sounds) I do think he is part of the A Team but not A itself and is somehow working alongside Aria in some shape or form (we can get into the Aria is A debacle later).

"What could Ezra's motive be?"
So let's say Ezra IS A or is in some way part of the A Team, I cannot seem to wrap my head around what his motive might be for getting involved other than the already talked about "protecting Aria, wannabe Toby" stunt.What would be his reasoning's for tormenting the girls so far back when they were only sophomores?   Did he know Alison before hand from all those college parties she attended? Is he "board shorts", the man that Ali was seeing and supposedly got pregnant by? We all know that Ali is now presumably alive, after being dug up by Mrs. Grunwold. Does this mean that because Ezra is a psycho obsessed pedophile freak, he wants to hunt down Ali (because he knows she's alive) and kill her? Do you really think his whole plan of him getting romantically involved with Aria was just to get some inside deets on his real love interest, Allison? Mrs. Grunwold expressed that "HE" is tracking down the Liars because he is for sure they will lead him to A. Is this he Ezra? I stayed up late researching for hours on end as to why Ezra would have a motive to be A and I just can't figure it out.

"A Team members always wear hoodies, Ezra wasn't."
You can imagine my puzzled face when I encountered this question because it is true. Every time we see a reveal of an A-Team member they are always in a hoodie. Mona was in a hoodie when she revealed herself to Spencer, Toby was in a hoodie when it was revealed he was working with Mona, when Spencer was on the A-Team she wore a hoodie, why would this reveal be any different? Don't you think writers will be consistent and show Ezra in a hoodie as well? He was in black attire but was only wearing a baseball cap. Could this possibly mean that he is not involved at all with A?

"But he's been acting sneaky..."
The piles of cash (who really pays someone $50,000 cash?), the literary references ("A" likes to send well written cryptic messages) , and the unexpected and odd appearances he makes (a la Halloween train ride) all make for a very sneaky and suspicious Ezra. The typewriter has been a very a prevalent theme throughout the ENTIRE series and the cameras always make it a point to show us that Ezra has a typewriter in his apartment. The producers said "A" would be unmasked in the black swan episode and Ezra was one of those, unmasking himself. His chalkboard constantly has messages and quotes from different book themes that can relate to the situations going on in the show. You might all have seen those viral pictures of  the letter A always conveniently popping up behind him in the frame. We all know Fitz likes whiskey, to which there has been several scenes with "A" dealing with the liquor. The show does a pretty good job at making various people everyone suspicious, so these could all just be coincidences, but as Marlene King said, "there are NO coincidences in Rosewood." You can view more reasons as to why Ezra could be A here.

This post might have been a little all over the place but I guess that is what the show intended to do. Leave us puzzled and confused, wondering how in the world Ezra could be tangled in this mess. Frankly, I don't think Ezra is A but I do believe he is some how part of the A-Team. However, no matter how much I wrack my brain, I can't seem to think of a reason as to what would connect him to Allison, other than him being "board shorts" which I really doubt. The "Aria being A" theory still runs rampantly through my mind, which leads me to believe that maybe her and Ezra are in it together, with Aria being the main A and her dragging Ezra into it.

Now, with THAT said, I can't let loose of the idea of Wren being A. SOMEONE had to be in control of that lair, if it wasn't A's lair, it had to be SOMEONE'S. Either way, it was creepy as all hell, with all those timelines and what not. It had to be a guy (because of the suits) and someone who could have access to all that high tech equipment. Wren is a doctor, a person with money, he could easily have obtained all the information he needed. He was always a bit shady since the get go, especially when we saw him working at Radley.

So I'm narrowing it down to those 3. Someone who must have been in the Pilot, as it's been confirmed that "A" was shown in the first episode:

1. Wren
What if he's "board shorts", the one obsessed w/ Ali & got her pregnant, who now wants her dead for some reason?

2. Aria
There are countless reasons as to why she could be "A", check them out here.

3. Aria & Ezra
What if Aria is the mastermind and dragged Ezra with her. What if they have been working together this whole time?

Alright folks, there you have it. The jumbled mess of what is my mind, all typed out for you to read. This has by far been the most shocked I have been since watching the show and applaud the writers in being able to do so in such a great manner. I mean, this was nothing compared to when Toby was revealed as part of the A-Team. I literally gasped and screamed in awe of what I had just seen. I can't wait to see what the next half of season 4 has in store for us, and how they are going to decipher to us the whole Ezra mystery. So with that said,
What are your thoughts on all of this?
Do you think Ezra is A? Do you think he is somewhat tied to the A-Team or do you think that last scene was just there to throw us off? How would you have answered the questions above? Sound off in the comments! I want to hear your theories! There is nothing that excites me more than hearing other people's perspective on this whole thing. So till next time, we'll see what the October 22 Halloween episode has in store for us!

<3 Stef

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