Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wildfire Carpenter 1

So if you haven't heard, wildfires are spreading like crazy over here in the Southwest Coast, and are causing many tragedies and damage. It started out in Arizona where unfortunately, 19 firefighters who were trying to put out the fire, were killed . A few days later, a lighting strike started wildfire "Carpenter 1" in the Mount Charleston range which has since kept burning and is still only semi contained. This has caused quite a stir over here in the 702, since the smoke from this fire is spreading all over the valley, covering half of the city in a thick gray cloud of ash. The sun has barely been visible, reducing itself to a tiny little red dot that can easily pass as a mega laser beam, cue picture above. As you can imagine this has created for some pretty amazing, colorful, and apocalyptic sunsets, and has forced many of us to stay indoors due to the poor air quality and the strong burning smell looming in the air.
Luckily, my side of town has not been heavily affected by all of this so no ash has appeared on my car as of yet. I took following pictures yesterday and as you can tell they aren't the best of quality, however it shows how the smoke has managed to asphyxiate half of the city. I really hope that they can control this and keep it from spreading, It's supposed to rain today, which should help with putting out some of the fires. When things like this happen, I can't help but think how powerful mother nature can be. The though of lightning bolts being struck down from the sky like that and having the capacity to start something so deadly is astounding. To all of you who are going camping this summer or have plans to go to forested areas, make sure you put out all fires and matches, one small careless mistake and it can cause a tremendous amount of damage!
Be safe out there and send good thoughts to all those affected.
<3 Stef

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