Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New York City Pt.3

Thank you New York. My lovely, amazing, can't get enough of you, New York.
These batch of pictures might appear a little different than the others and that's mostly because the genius typing this post (aka, me) forgot to insert the battery back into the DSLR before leaving and didn't notice till we were already downtown. We honestly did not want to get back on the subway and go back to the apartment to get it, so we ended just using our iPhones for the whole day. This was one of my favorite days of our entire trip. We strolled through Soho wandering into all the little boutiques and shops. Ate our way through Italian pastries (best cannolis I've had so far!) in Little Italy, Had some hot herbal tea in Chinatown along with admiring how exotic it looked, and got ourselves to Brooklyn, via the Brooklyn bridge (a stunner). Once we walked the WHOLE bridge, we walked to the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory and got a nice scoop of old fashioned vanilla and chocolate. We sat and people watched and gave waffle cone crumbs to the birds, all while watching the sun set upon the buildings of Manhattan, it was glorious. We headed back to the city, managed to walk 15 blocks until we couldn't walk no more and found hole in the wall Italian place to eat a late pizza dinner.
I loved this day, and even though I didn't have my camera to capture better pictures, I wouldn't have pictured it any other way [see what I did there? Clever eh? No? Okay...]
I am so happy to have shown Isaac the city that has my heart, to show him what a beauty it is with all its culture, style, food, and noise. Nothing like being in the city, in the midst of the concrete jungle.
Thanks New York City, you are truly one of a kind.
<3 Stef
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