Monday, July 15, 2013

I'll Miss You Cory Monteith

My heart dropped. My heart literally unplugged all of it's arteries, stopped all blood flow, and paused on the night of July 13th. It was this day that I, as many of you, received the terrible news, Cory Monteith was pronounced dead when found in his Vancouver hotel room by a staff member. I couldn't believe, I couldn't manage to process such tragic and horrifying news that still seemed surreal at the moment, still does. I frantically started googling, searching to somehow disprove the news of his death. It still didn't make sense. How could someone so talented and promising, who just a few months ago decided to get his life back on track, be gone in an instant? Just like that? Who's years behind him had only counted up to 31, who's life and career only had just begun? I couldn't believe it. Even as I type this post, I still can't believe it. I can't manage to digest the words Cory Monteith and dead in the same sentence.

I know that dealing with a celebrity death can bring out weird and sometimes different emotions that can sometimes leave us confused and often wondering why we are feeling this way towards a person we have never met. These people who we have never met in real life, fill our lives through our televisions and radios and manage to become part of us, part of our everyday lives. We feel like their friend, like we know them on a first name basis. When celebrities pass away, we are often able to accept their deaths and move on. However, there comes that one celebrity death that hits you and affects more than most. This one celebrity death that manages to shake your core, making you speechless, wondering what went wrong. Making you re-evaluate and understand that no matter how much money, fame, or recognition you have, we are all human, and all have an awaited appointment with death. We suddenly realize how short our lives are and how they can vanish in an instant.

On Saturday we lost a promising, talented, genuine, young man. One who managed to make me understand that even though people may seem happy, content, and full of life, you never know what demons they may be battling inside. Thank you Cory for making me fall in love with your work and for being part of that special bond me and my brother share (we are both insane GLEEKS). We lost you too soon, and even though I never knew you, I will forever remember you as a great young man who brought laughter and joy to my life. My prayers to Lea Michele, the Glee cast, and Cory's loved ones, who are going through a very difficult and devastating time.

You won't be forgotten Cory, may your soul rest in wonderful blissful peace.

Here is are 2 of my favorite performances;

& who could forget him praying to Grilled Cheesus. :) & that blog post around the time all I ever did was watch Glee.

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