Monday, July 15, 2013

I'll Miss You Cory Monteith

My heart dropped. My heart literally unplugged all of it's arteries, stopped all blood flow, and paused on the night of July 13th. It was this day that I, as many of you, received the terrible news, Cory Monteith was pronounced dead when found in his Vancouver hotel room by a staff member. I couldn't believe, I couldn't manage to process such tragic and horrifying news that still seemed surreal at the moment, still does. I frantically started googling, searching to somehow disprove the news of his death. It still didn't make sense. How could someone so talented and promising, who just a few months ago decided to get his life back on track, be gone in an instant? Just like that? Who's years behind him had only counted up to 31, who's life and career only had just begun? I couldn't believe it. Even as I type this post, I still can't believe it. I can't manage to digest the words Cory Monteith and dead in the same sentence.

I know that dealing with a celebrity death can bring out weird and sometimes different emotions that can sometimes leave us confused and often wondering why we are feeling this way towards a person we have never met. These people who we have never met in real life, fill our lives through our televisions and radios and manage to become part of us, part of our everyday lives. We feel like their friend, like we know them on a first name basis. When celebrities pass away, we are often able to accept their deaths and move on. However, there comes that one celebrity death that hits you and affects more than most. This one celebrity death that manages to shake your core, making you speechless, wondering what went wrong. Making you re-evaluate and understand that no matter how much money, fame, or recognition you have, we are all human, and all have an awaited appointment with death. We suddenly realize how short our lives are and how they can vanish in an instant.

On Saturday we lost a promising, talented, genuine, young man. One who managed to make me understand that even though people may seem happy, content, and full of life, you never know what demons they may be battling inside. Thank you Cory for making me fall in love with your work and for being part of that special bond me and my brother share (we are both insane GLEEKS). We lost you too soon, and even though I never knew you, I will forever remember you as a great young man who brought laughter and joy to my life. My prayers to Lea Michele, the Glee cast, and Cory's loved ones, who are going through a very difficult and devastating time.

You won't be forgotten Cory, may your soul rest in wonderful blissful peace.

Here is are 2 of my favorite performances;

& who could forget him praying to Grilled Cheesus. :) & that blog post around the time all I ever did was watch Glee.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wildfire Carpenter 1

So if you haven't heard, wildfires are spreading like crazy over here in the Southwest Coast, and are causing many tragedies and damage. It started out in Arizona where unfortunately, 19 firefighters who were trying to put out the fire, were killed . A few days later, a lighting strike started wildfire "Carpenter 1" in the Mount Charleston range which has since kept burning and is still only semi contained. This has caused quite a stir over here in the 702, since the smoke from this fire is spreading all over the valley, covering half of the city in a thick gray cloud of ash. The sun has barely been visible, reducing itself to a tiny little red dot that can easily pass as a mega laser beam, cue picture above. As you can imagine this has created for some pretty amazing, colorful, and apocalyptic sunsets, and has forced many of us to stay indoors due to the poor air quality and the strong burning smell looming in the air.
Luckily, my side of town has not been heavily affected by all of this so no ash has appeared on my car as of yet. I took following pictures yesterday and as you can tell they aren't the best of quality, however it shows how the smoke has managed to asphyxiate half of the city. I really hope that they can control this and keep it from spreading, It's supposed to rain today, which should help with putting out some of the fires. When things like this happen, I can't help but think how powerful mother nature can be. The though of lightning bolts being struck down from the sky like that and having the capacity to start something so deadly is astounding. To all of you who are going camping this summer or have plans to go to forested areas, make sure you put out all fires and matches, one small careless mistake and it can cause a tremendous amount of damage!
Be safe out there and send good thoughts to all those affected.
<3 Stef

Monday, July 8, 2013

Muy Pronto Mexico Lindo

Mexico! Mi querido Mexico! Como amo tus calles llenas de cultura con aromas de orgullo de la gente que te ama. Aunque no soy tuya por completo, mi ser es de ti y mi ADN me recuerda que mas Mexicana no podria ser. Porque son las sonrisas genuinas que flotan por el aire que me hacen querer regresar a tu tierra. Y porque no ay nada mas bello que sentarse en la mesa, para la merienda con la familia. Ya pronto te vere mi Mexico lindo, pero mientras que no te mire (Octubre ya ven!) me sumergere en las fotos que me recuerdan de las razones de las cual me enamore de ti. <3
<3 Stef

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Day At Lake Mead

So if you are not aware by now, Las Vegas is slowly quickly becoming a literal hell. A LITERAL HELL. We have finally reached the point in summer where the weather does not go anywhere below 100 degrees and even a quick trip to the grocery store can become a difficult feat. This often means 3 things that us Las Vegans like to do, stay inside in our air conditioned homes, dive into a refreshing pool, or [our personal favorite] head out to the lake. Don't get us wrong, we love spending some time in the pool where it is fish free and there's no chance of drifting off. However, nothing can really compare to packing our bags, heading on the road, and finding a place to camp and enjoy mother nature's water source.
Lake Mead (depending on where you go) is about a 30 minute from Las Vegas and there are many ways to get there. Whatever route you decide to go with, make sure you bring lots of water for the road and for when you arrive since temperatures can really take a toll on the body if one is not well hydrated. Here are a few things to bring along if you are planning to go to the lake for the day.
Water // lots of it
Sunscreen // with hot temps, please DON'T forget this step, you'll regret it!
 A light lunch // we like to bring fruit, trail mix, chips, and sandwiches
Beach towels // they are longer than regular towels
Extra pair of clothes // to change into after you are done
Water shoes // a must! Especially since the ground can be rocky or slippery
A nice bag to put everything in // We brought canvas fine and those were fine. :)
Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend remembering how amazing and lucky we are to be in a free and democratic country!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New York City Pt.3

Thank you New York. My lovely, amazing, can't get enough of you, New York.
These batch of pictures might appear a little different than the others and that's mostly because the genius typing this post (aka, me) forgot to insert the battery back into the DSLR before leaving and didn't notice till we were already downtown. We honestly did not want to get back on the subway and go back to the apartment to get it, so we ended just using our iPhones for the whole day. This was one of my favorite days of our entire trip. We strolled through Soho wandering into all the little boutiques and shops. Ate our way through Italian pastries (best cannolis I've had so far!) in Little Italy, Had some hot herbal tea in Chinatown along with admiring how exotic it looked, and got ourselves to Brooklyn, via the Brooklyn bridge (a stunner). Once we walked the WHOLE bridge, we walked to the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory and got a nice scoop of old fashioned vanilla and chocolate. We sat and people watched and gave waffle cone crumbs to the birds, all while watching the sun set upon the buildings of Manhattan, it was glorious. We headed back to the city, managed to walk 15 blocks until we couldn't walk no more and found hole in the wall Italian place to eat a late pizza dinner.
I loved this day, and even though I didn't have my camera to capture better pictures, I wouldn't have pictured it any other way [see what I did there? Clever eh? No? Okay...]
I am so happy to have shown Isaac the city that has my heart, to show him what a beauty it is with all its culture, style, food, and noise. Nothing like being in the city, in the midst of the concrete jungle.
Thanks New York City, you are truly one of a kind.
<3 Stef
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