Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New York City // Pt. 1


Hello beautiful people! I am back from a almost week long trip in NYC and well expect a lot of pictures from me and Isaac and all of the amazingness we just experienced. If you've been reading for a while (or know me personally) then you know that I am completely OBSESSED with this city. I live and breathe it even though I am thousands of miles away, and often swear I must have been a New Yorker in a previous life. To put it simple, there is truly nothing like being in the city. Nothing like being amidst the jungle of buildings and musical noise that seems to never stop.
 This was Isaac's first time to the metropolis and well I was nervous. He doesn't like crowds or feeling claustrophobic, so I was a little apprehensive since hovering skyscrapers wouldn't ease the feeling. However, the city welcomed him with open arms and he surprisingly embraced her with love. There were a few times were the crowds were massive (ahem, subway rush hour, ahem, Times Square) but that is what New York City is all about. So I hope you enjoy the next few posts of NYC pictures as I try not to go a little overboard (ha, who am I kidding?! I want to show the world what a beauty she is!) :)
<3 Stef

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