Monday, May 13, 2013

There is nothing like 90 degree weather that sets off everyone so they can officially jump in the pool without getting the chills. Granted, the hotter months are a literal hell here in Vegas, but there is nothing that screams "Verano!" like family BBQ's and days by the pool. Being the Vegas native that I am, I live for the months where you find the best fruits and vegetables and chill on your porch during the nights where the weather is perfect. Even though the thought of less clothes is really not my thing, I love what summer brings; the food, the weather, and the opportunity to spend more time outside! Temperatures are slowly quickly climbing and I am searching for ways to make the days cooler. Lately I've been perusing the internet (getting distracted), as I add things to my to do list for the upcoming months. Whether that be with recipes or activities to kills the afternoon boredom, I am ready to enjoy this new fresh and hot season!
For an easy refreshing breakfast, try this. Perfect for those warm mornings.
My favorite summer salad. The dressing is to die for!
How to freeze your summer vegetables.
Can't wait to make this for dinner. It looks heavenly!
 Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. Need I say more?
 Take these on a day to the park or to an al' fresco brunch!
Chelsea makes these mojitos look amazing! I'm refreshed just looking at them.

My ideal summer outfit. Shorts wouldn't be so bad either.
What's on your summer to do list? Anything you've been waiting all year to do?
<3 Stef

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