Friday, May 31, 2013

The Proposal

Finally! I decided to bite the bullet and scrounger through the MILLIONS of pictures I took during one of the most amazing days of my life. I must say, this post was no easy task as like I said, I had a pathetic amount of pictures from our little 2 hour adventure. Needless to say, I like to take pictures (if you haven't noticed already) and I finally took the time to pic a few of them to share on here. "The Proposal" was definitely one of the coolest, funniest, surprising, happiest days of my life. The fact that Isaac planned this all on his own is what makes me the giddiest. He knew how much I loved this place, and how BADLY I wanted to visit it during the morning sun rose. We traveled all night long to get to LA and Isaac made sure we got there before the estimated sunrise time. We were even early so we stopped at Starbucks before trekking up the mountain since it was still a bit chilly (to a Las Vegan anyway).

SIDE STORY: I sorta had a feeling he would propose, since he was insisting on stopping here on our way to San Diego. I kept trying to shot the idea down, since it would just add more driving time. He of course, insisted and well that kind of set of some suspicion in me. I thought, he's definitely going to do it during the sunrise. He didn't, and well that made it even more hilarious.

When we arrived, I was anxious to get some shots of the sunrise, so I was in a hurry to get a good spot (since there were more people than I expected there). Isaac kept going to back to the car and stalling which just led to me getting upset. We finally go out and started venturing to see what kind of good spots there were to watch the sunrise.

So the sunrise happened, and guess what. No proposal. I was wrong. "Hey," I told myself, "that's why you don't get your hopes up." I made sure to not think that it was going to happen, in case THIS happened. I wasn't upset, and was actually pretty glad that we made the trip out since the sunrise was absolutely STUNNING. The sun kept rising and we kept exploring the observatory.

Isn't LA amazing? I la la love this city.
 Isaac finally found a spot that had a killer view of both the mountains and the city and was isolated so no people were around. He told me to stand and look out at the view and handed me his phone, saying he wanted me to watch this video. We always show each other funny videos, so I didn't think to much of it. He told me not to turn around until the video was over, which oddly is another thing we do a lot.
It was a video of us.
He made a video of us. Of all the pictures that we managed to take over the last 7 years of knowing each other. Of all the special times we had together, our adventures, travels, selfies, and candids. They all went along to a song that now makes me cry every time I hear it. At this point I knew & my heart dropped to the floor.
This guy managed to pull off the unthinkable, SURPRISING me with a proposal. My whole life I thought no guy can surprise me with the question that every little girls dreams of. No way. I'm an observer, and if something is a little strange, more than likely I will figure it out.
But nope, not this time. Completely surprised.
I watched the video. I turned around and there he was. The man that I had loved for so long and known since the young age of 14, was there on one knee looking straight into my eyes with a look that gives me chills every time I think about it. He had a ring in a box in hand and he managed to say the words, "Will you marry me?" with a small quiver in between. I put my hand up to my mouth (so cliche, I know. It's like us women are programmed to do such gesture during a proposal) looked into his eyes and started crying. I said yes, (of course) and jumped into his arms. We kissed, we cried.
It was perfect.
 Our view during the "proposal". I get that warm fuzzy feeling just looking at this picture!
A picture after he proposed! It was pretty magical. I cried, hence the puffy eyes. The ring embodied exactly what I wanted. I am not a fan of the huge rocks so what he got was perfect!

 I was ecstatic, it felt so surreal. I was ENGAGED! I was giddy and happy the whole time, and of course couldn't stop looking at the ring. It was so pretty, simple, and NOT big, exactly what I wanted. The location and timing couldn't have been any more perfect. He knew how much I loved this place, and to know that it was part of such an important part of our lives together makes it that more meaningful! I immediately called my mom and texted a few important people about it. It was magical.
<3 Stef
Isaac, I know you read this blog, so just know that you really outdid yourself on this one. You are one amazing guy and I am so happy that I'll be the lucky gal that gets to spend the rest of her life alongside you. Exploring the world and making new memories together, as we always have.
I love you, Isaac Domenzain. <3


  1. what a great memory! awesome photos!! :)

    1. Thanks Kylie! :) It was indeed an amazing day.