Thursday, May 30, 2013


Eating: a really wrinkly baby Gala apple. Nothing too exciting.

Drinking: Herbalife Peach Tea on ice. I just got bounced back from a horrible kidney infection, so no more soda or juice for me. (Although I was never a big soda fan anyways) but I really am trying to just stick to tea and water. It's also around that time my body seems to be shutting down (oh you dreaded afternoon slump) so the tea gives me some much needed energy.

Feeling: excited for my upcoming New York City trip. Less than 3 weeks away!

Doing: blog wandering. Catching up on all the blogs I love is so relaxing. I love when I haven't read a specific blog in a while and they have a ton of new posts!
Thinking: about driving to Chinatown to find some dragon fruit. I've never had the beauty and am dying to try it and photograph it!

ReadingConfessions of a Serial Killer by D.E Gilmore

Loving: the new things I scored on a recent trip to the thrift store. A 6$ painting, wooden table for my patio, a vintage tea kettle and some wooden salad bowls. All for under 20$. Woohoo!

Watching: Million Dollar Listing: New York, just discovered this show last night and after 5 minutes, I was hooked. They show ridiculously expensive NYC apartments that are trying to be sold by real estate agents who will do whatever it takes to get a buyer.

Listening: Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko. Absolutely LOVE this song.

Learning: to appreciate the little things in life. I always crave visiting new places, traveling to different parts of the world, but I am slowly learning that in between travels, I can appreciate the beauty in the small things that are already around me. The little things that make the days that much brighter. One of those "small things" ? My gliterrati shoes. They never fail to make me look at & appreciate the small stuff. Even if it's just some glitter.
<3 Stef
This post was inspired by K&Camera's Currently posts.

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