Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Isaac Domenzain

Because you have been so good to me.
Showing me in every way the patience of love.
Reminding me that we will always have each other, no matter the situations that go around.
Because you have stuck by me even when I haven't.
Showing me the importance of never giving up and always fighting for love.
The love of my life.
Since the day I laid eyes on your sweet smile.
That reflected the creases of your maroon colored shirt.
Because you bring me back.
& spring me forward.
That is why i love you so.
 My best friend, boyfriend & partner for life. The one I seek endless oceans and new cities alike.
I love you Isaac Domenzain
& everyday you just get cuter (:


  1. oh wow!!! congratulations! What an exciting time :) i'm so happy for you two!