Monday, December 24, 2012

Easy Oreo Truffles

Hello there! It's Christmas Eve and guess what? My mind is blown by how fast this year has gone by. This year literally flew past me, treating me well on the way. I am so happy to be starting a new year. With Christmas Eve today, I wonder (almost bet) that you'll be heading to a dinner/party/get together tonight and completely forgot you have to take something with you. Cheese and cracker platters are alright, but what if I told you those fancy schmancy beauties up there took me less than an hour and no oven or stove was required? Too good to be true? Well let me tell you how this recipe has gotten me out of a jiffy more than once. They are super easy, delicious, no bake Oreo Truffles.
So you might have heard of them, you might have not. Either way, they are to die for! I first tried these at my little sister's choir bake sale and was mind boggled at the fact that anyone could MAKE these delicious treats. So i got home, researched varies recipes and with a few tweaks concluded with this one. This recipe is super fun to make with kids with clean hands!
Oreo Truffles
*I haven't tried any generic brands for this recipe*
1 package of Oreo Cookies
1 8 oz. package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese *room temperature, cut into cubes*
Almond Bark
Milk Chocolate Chips *optional*
Take your Oreos, separating them from each other (to make it easier to process) and place them in a food processor or Ziploc bag. Grind them till you have very fine granules and place them aside in a bowl. Take your softened cream cheese and little by little start incorporating it into the cookie crumbs. This might be a little time consuming, but I much prefer this method instead of putting it in the food processor. Make sure you blend knead everything well together until no visible white lumps are showing. You should have a sticky dough like mixture. From this you will start forming your small quarter size truffles that will go on a cookie sheet. Place them in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes to harden a bit. During this time take your almond bark & chocolate chips and microwave it according to instructions. *Usually I take about 4 chunks and microwave it for 2-3 minutes; stopping every once in a while to mix it* Dip your truffle balls into the mixture and set on the cookie sheet again. Once you are done dipping them; drizzle some of the chocolate on top or sprinkle extra Oreo cookie crumbs on top. Refrigerate for 25 minutes to harden the coating.
& you're done! See how easy that was? I am probably going to make these as soon as I get home to take to our family dinner tonight!
Happy Christmas Eve to everyone. May you all have an amazing holiday with your loved ones remembering the true reason to celebrate!
<3 Stef

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A picture I took of a favorite sign of mine on Charleston Blvd. Cause remember, I have this thing with signs. 
I haven't updated this blog in 15 days. That's half a month. Eeeek.
Besides the fact that I've been super busy with life, I have no internet access at home. STILL.
It's cool though. No biggie. I actually find myself rediscovering the beauty of reading and doing things other than browsing the internet. Granted, I have it on my phone. But I don't even find myself on Facebook or Twitter that often anymore.
I take that as a good thing.
Well It's been a good year.
I keep thinking of that. Of how good this year has been to me. Of the places I've seen, the people I have reconnected with, and the breath of fresh air God has blown upon me.

The breath that makes you realize you really are nothing without him. The breath that makes you awe in his majesty and greatness! The one that makes you re-evaluate your priorities and once again put him first. Appreciating the first love you once had and keeping it alive by the reading of his word.
It's awesome.
 So i go back once again, to my shell of no desktop internet. I'll be back soon though, since I actually have a tutorial on something I want to show you all, involving only a few things. (You know, my kind of tutorials!)

Also, I've been addicted to Pinterest (Follow me here). That, is something I can easily spend hours on in my phone.
But enough about me.
How have you been? How has life been treating you lately? Have you also been freaking out at how fast the time is going? I mean it's December! December, and I'm still wearing light fall weather in the night time and shorts during the day. Seriously, who says "It's too hot!" in the beginning of December?
I guess people in Vegas do!
Ah, Las Vegas.
<3 Stef