Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Facts Vol. 1

1. I'm deathly horrifically immensely TERRIFIED of sharks.
Ever since I can remember, sharks have always been my greatest fear. Their scary faces and beady eyes never fail to make me quiver when I see them. I don't exactly know what sparked this phobia, but I do know it made my childhood pretty difficult when it came to baths and pools. I would never go into a pool at night and would often refuse to take bubble baths simply because I could not "see" the bottom of the tub. Our "Coral Reef" shower curtains and towels only were up for a few hours since I remember screaming at the top of my lungs when I walked into the bathroom & seeing them for the first time. I begged my mom to take them down and she made sure to never again get anything "ocean" related.

2. I don't care for shoes too much.
This is one of the things that I really wish I wasn't. I never have and probably never will have a thing for shoes. As long as they're comfortable, cute, and not expensive, I'm good. I don't care too much about brands or having a pair to match each outfit. You can find me wearing the  same ones constantly day to day since I really don't have a huge selection. However I must admit, I have a soft spot for oxfords. They're my fave!

3. I was always the teacher's pet growing up.
I don't know why or how but I almost always ended up being the teacher's pet. How do I know this? Besides the fact that as a student you "just know" I would constantly be told by my peers that I was. I was never bullied about it (at least not to my face) which really surprised me. I never did it to get ahead on my grades, but always enjoyed having an awesome relationship with my teachers.

4. I hate confrontation. I really do.
So with that said, if you really disappoint me, make me angry, or are just plain annoying I will immediately ignore you and stop all contact. I tend to take a backseat when it comes to arguments (unless you're a good friend or my sister) since I have a fear of hurting people's feelings (don't know why). However, I am learning to decipher the fine line between aggressive pointless confrontation and needed confrontation.

5. I'm allergic to mayonnaise.
I remember eating it when I was little and breaking into hives, so ever since then I would always have my sandwiches dry and mayo free. My mom was always so good about making sure my plate didn't have any of the smelly white stuff and I also have certain friends who were always considerate of my "weird" allergy. Biggest pet peeve? When I go to a sandwich place and they forget that I said "No Mayo". Ugh!

6. I used to be super emotional. Now, not so much.
If you knew me a few years back, I used to be the most emotional person ever. I would cry over the smallest things, and would really take things to heart when it wasn't even personal. However, over time and as I matured, I can say that I have learned to detach myself from my emotions and certain feelings (to an extent). I mean, I am not some kind of robot who never cries, but I have learned that if I need to cry, there is no need for me to do it in front of someone else. I take this as a good thing, making my emotions a part of my private life, that I spill onto my journal writing every once a while.
7. I know every single line of Mean Girls & "Empire State Of Mind".
Mostly because I've seen Mean Girls like 300 times & was obsessed with JayZ's and Alicia Keys' NYC anthem, but I can literally recite every word from both of them. Mean Girls never gets old and the jokes always make me laugh. My favorite line? "She doesn't even go here!"

8. When I'm sad I like to be alone and go for a drive.
You know how certain people like to talk to other people. I don't. I just feel better after a long drive listening to a mix CD that I made. I can think and clear my head all without ever having to speak.

9. I superglued my eyes shut when I was 3.
I guess thats self explanatory...and painful. Long story short, I thought the nail glue bottle was eye drops and since putting eye drops was sooo cool looking to a 3 year old, I thought I was looking cool by putting drops in my eyes. Come to find out that the drops weren't EYE drops but instead drops from quick dry nail glue. This landed me in a bed for 3 hours while my mom put hot warm wash cloths to "soften" the glue and a trip to the ER. Even though I was only 3, I remember it so clearly, not the most "fun" but definitely a great conversation starter.

10. I LA LA LOVE Shakira.
Her "Fijacion Oral Album Vol. 1" in Spanish is just brilliant and ever since I heard her second album I was all over her music. I love all her Spanish work (except all her recent stuff, not too much into the She Wolf phase she's going through) which always seems to showcase how good she is with words.

10 random facts. Not because I'm narcissistic or cause I think people actually want to know about me, but rather to keep a record of all these things about me. I often find myself looking back at these posts comparing to see how much I've changed or haven't.

What are some random facts about you? Anything that the average person wouldn't know? (:

<3 Stef

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