Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Eats! LeThai in Downtown LV


Oh Le Thai, how you have one a place in my heart. You simply cannot understand how happy Mel (my coworker & awesome friend) and I were to find a new Thai place to go to for lunch. Let me tell you a quick back story. Before working where i do now, I really didn't care to much for the Thai cuisine, I honestly never even knew of any places around town. The only Asian food to have ever touched my taste buds was Chinese, Japanese, & lumpia (a filipino dish). There was never really an interest in anything else. However, during my first internship in high school, I was introduced to it and immediately fell in love. It was amazing! Pad Thai, satay, spring rolls galore! The Thai tea was amazing and there was nothing that could compare to that yummy cucumber salad they always serve on the side. One day word got around that the place we religiously ordered our lunch specials from got shut down for health department reasons. Indeed my friends, this was a terrible and sad sad day. We were distraught at the idea that we no longer would be able to taste those delicious spring rolls....

UNTIL we found Le Thai!

It was truly a magical experience. The heavens split and beamed upon what would soon become one of my favorite places. One of our new coworkers actually mentioned this place & I  remember hearing a lot of buzz around it. (I even took a picture of their sign during my downtown escapade!)Nonetheless, Mel & I headed over for lunch yesterday to see if we could somehow recuperate our lost hopes on good authentic Thai food.
Getting There
Downtown (and LVB in general) is usually a hassle for parking, so if it wasn't for me being such a downtown junkie, we really would have struggled to find a place to park. So far, I've noticed that when visiting anywhere in downtown, the FREE parking at El Cortez on Fremont and 7th is your best bet . We cut through the casino and ended up right at the corner.

The Place

Right of the bat, I was in love with the atmosphere and look of the restaurant. The brick walls, outside patio, and different floor plan layout (kitchen and bar on opposite sides), all made me feel miles away from the musky cologne and smoke scented downtown casinos. The place was smaller than average, however the outside patio and seating made up for it. Besides, the feeling of a small place in Vegas is rare, so I personally really enjoyed it. We both kept ooohing and awwing at everything, Mel noting that it reminded her of Seattle. The feeling of being by Pike Place Market and the urban setting of the outside patio.

The Menu

We were immediately greeted by a friendly server, who we let know were just here for takeout. We kind had looked up the menu before heading over there so we had some idea on what we wanted. We both choose a lunch special, going with the traditional Green Curry (they offer 3; yellow, red and green.) Mel choose chicken, and I went with tofu, both coming with a side of rice. Mel also got a side of Thai Wings, and we both got some refreshing unsweetened Iced Tea....yum! While looking at the menu however, I wished it was a bit more extensive and choices. They had a variety of dishes, but could probably still add more salads, appetizers, & main entrees. However, their prices were reasonable, and everything that they DID have on the menu, sounded amazing!

We waited inside for our food, realizing that the sign below had extra dishes."They have Spring Rolls & Roti?! How come these weren't on the menu!?" we wondered. Hoping to have seen them before since they weren't listed. Since we had already placed our order, we decided to just let it go, and try them some other time.

We waited for our food, which was surprisingly not that long, considering we didn't call it in before we arrived. The staff was really friendly as we headed out, even calling us by our names as they were giving us our orders. (Granted, they had it written on the receipt, but it still made me feel super special!)

The Food

We got back to the office, super excited to see how the food would taste. I've never had green curry before, so I really did not know what to expect. My first reaction? Creamy but light, not overpowering, full of flavor and spicy! I ordered it a 2 from a heat level of 1-5, thinking it would be very mild. It was actually on level 4 based on my scale, but still good and edible. As I kept devouring the deliciusness before me, I noticed an aftertaste of some kind, maybe a fish sauce? Something I wasn't completely familiar with, but added a nice zing and binded the whole dish.

The tofu was awesome, absorbing all the flavors of the dish and the bamboo shoots added a nice texture. The side of brown rice was perfectly cooked! Mel, who's had green curry before, told me it tasted completely authentic with no added "fusion-ness". She said it tasted amazing! The Thai wings she got were also really good, coming with a special Thai sauce making them a great appetizer or side dish.
All in all, 3 cheers for Le Thai! We were both very happy with the tasty food they have to offer, ambiance that will let you escape the sound of slot machines, and friendly staff that will make sure you get fast and welcoming service. I will definitely be coming back, next time trying some of their noodles and spring rolls for sure! So if you are in town and need your Thai fix, come to a place that's right smack in the middle of downtown, that will be sure to leave you with a happy belly! :)
523 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
<3 Stef

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  1. This was really a great restaurant. That, coming from a thai food junkie! ;)