Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Driving the Pacific Coast

Driving the Coast in an awesome sports car when the skies are clear and and the weather is just right is just about on every one's bucket list that I know of. & Let me tell you, it's sooooo worth it. There is nothing more beautiful than driving right next to the vast and precious ocean listening to a play list you conjured specifically for this trip. Driving the 101 was mostly Isaac's idea, wanting to dedicate a whole day to make sure we had enough time for stops, pictures, and sightseeing along the way. We started in Monterey and headed all the way down to Los Angeles. Big Sur was definitely my favorite, with its gradient of blues and light fog banks that strolled through. I was so used to seeing the overpopulated ocean water in Santa Monica, that I had no idea how beautiful the Pacific Ocean really was. We made lots of stops here and there to stretch our feet and inhale the fresh ocean breeze, including one at Ragged Point where we enjoyed some scones and hot chocolate (since it was getting chilly as the day went on.) They had an amazing ocean view spot which I really recommend checking out. We also stopped at the Elephant Seal Rookery to look at the ADORABLE seals who would every once in a while get up and worm along, and then drove by Hearst Castle, which we didn't get to tour but did see from afar. We stopped and watched the sunset at a random spot and watched as the ocean turned into a black abyss.


It was perfect.
I recommend bringing along:
1. The perfect play list or variety of CD's; which will totally make the experience even better.
2. A Gorilla Pod; will make pictures A LOT easier if it's only 2 of you.
3. Snacks; duh!
4. A blanket.
5. A book! As much as I loved looking out; I did have my moments of wanting to tackle down a chapter or two of Catching Fire.
Also, keep in mind that with all the stopping you will need to add a couple of hours to your road time, but you already knew that, right?
Driving the coast will definitely be something to remember. (:
 <3 Stef

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Road Trip Pt 2

 If there is a place where the water is so blue that it needs no photo shopping when a picture is taken, it's Monterey, California. The sea breeze, the fog in the air, and the smell of fresh kettle corn penetrate every single smell when you breath in the the ocean air. This was my favorite stop during our road trip & was so happy that the weather was absolutely perfect. Clear skies with a slight breeze, sunny enough to enjoy some frozen yogurt. If you're nearby, stop by. You won't regret it, I promise!

<3 Stef 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like A Child

A picture I took of some kids awing at how vast & beautiful the ocean is

Looking at the world through the eyes that see the beauty in all that is around them.
Not tainted by deception or by the experiences of life.
Believing that the problems that come can be fixed with the touch of a Mother's hand.
& the fear that comes at night can't seem to pierce the embrace of a Father's arms.
Because even in the rain, the puddles seem fun.
& the worst of days are the ones that include no ice cream.
Flaws and defects don't seem to exist, since all that is captured is daisies and sun.
There is no need to glaze what is said, as the work of deception isin't yet understood.
Not yet affected by stock markets or frivolous celebrity gossip.
Instead it is questioned when play time will be.

Oh the innocence of a child. How I sometimes wish I could just go back to those days.

Mirando el mundo a través de los ojos que ven la belleza en todo lo que está a su alrededor.
Sin manchas que se causan por el engaño y las experiencias de la vida.
Convencidos que los problemas se pueden solucionar con el toque de la mano de una Madre.
Y el miedo que viene por la noche parece no poder atravesar el abrazo de Papa.
Porque incluso en la lluvia, los charcos parecen divertidos.
Y el peor de los días son los que no incluyen helado.
Las fallas y defectos no parecen existir, ya que todo lo que se captura es margaritas y sol.
Sin necesidad de azucarar lo que se dice, ya que la obra de engaño no ha sido entendido.
No afectado por los mercados de valores o los chismes de la farándula.
En vez se pregunta cuando se podra salir a jugar.

Los que es la inocencia de un niño. Cómo a veces desearía poder regresar a esos tiempos.