Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things Las Vegas DOES NOT Know.

Pretty rain drops that are causing MAJOR chaos

1. Rain. Snow. & Any other kind of climate that is not HOT blistering sun.

2. The Lottery. All we know is you can go to state line to buy a ticket. However, have no real care for it or have no real idea on how it works.

3. Places that actually close. Yup, its true. We're pretty spoiled here. Hungry at 2 am. Check. Need to buy stockings in the middle of the night. Check. Want to just go people watch at 3 am? Check. Check. Check.

4. Expensive steak. Yeah sure, you can get that $60 dollar platter at Lawry's. However, why go there, when the 7.99$ special at that Downtown casino is just as good.

5. Paid Parking. The first time I ever encountered such thing was in Mexico. I was literally appalled.

6. Freestanding Movie Theaters. You know, the ones that every place BUT Las Vegas has. A La' Drake & Josh. I always wanted to go to one of those. All we know is the need to park at a casino and walk through it to get to the darn movie.

7. Fireplaces. I think I've seen one fired up twice in my lifetime. If someone has one in their house, it's usually just as a decoration. Or excuse to have a mantle.

8. Pretty Flowers. or any kind of greenery. & if you want some, they're expensive. So we usually like to stick to the usual; cactus, sagebrush, palm trees. I saw my first (in the ground) Hydrangea in Mexico last month!

So there you have it. Things Las Vegas (and it's inhabitants) have no clue about. I did this on the fly, being inspired by all the darn chaos that is happening around the city today. It's like people have no idea how to drive or act around rain. It's pretty hilarious. I bet if you're from somewhere in which it rains all the time, you would have a grand ol' time people watching here.

What are things you find funny when visiting other places? Leave a comment! I la la love comments!

& To all my Las Vegans out there. Be safe! Flash floods are no joke!

<3 Stef


  1. Funny post... made me think of Wisconsin though... Oh how I loved living there... you can enjoy all 4 seasons at their fullest! Sooo beautiful... Here in Texas (at least in the Houston area) we just have two seasons... "Hot and Hotter" LOL!

    1. I bet we have that in common! Dry Hot Weather! Wisonsin, now that sounds beautiful! :)