Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embrace It, Don't Change It

Lea Michele/Sara Bareilles: Aren't they absolutely stunning?

I shall be honest. I never really liked my nose. I remember growing up, placing clothespins (yes, you heard right!) right on the tip, so it would "reshape itself". (How silly and painful of me!) I would often find myself thinking, why can't I just have a normal nose like everyone else? Why does mine have to be of such a large tomato-ey shape?! As time passed by I started to forget about my nose shape and didn't even really think about it at times. One day however, while a few of my friends and I were rummaging through some pictures we had just developed, someone pointed it out. They pointed out the facial feature I had forgotten about for some time. The one that had made me once clip laundry paraphernalia onto my myself. It was sudden. A rush of all those feelings of lack of acceptance came back and made me realize again that my nose was not exactly the shape I wanted it to be. For years after that, I was convinced that I was going to have a nose job as soon as I was able to afford it. I wanted that perfectly angled and sized nose that everyone on TV and the magazines seemed to have. I remember telling my mom my "surgical plan" and her looking at me like I was crazy. I had googled and searched for doctors in town and went so far as to even calling some places for quotes.

It was pretty pathetic and sad at the same time.

The whole nose job hype started to dwindle down & I started to focus on other things. I started to realize that God gave me my nose and that I should be proud of it. I shouldn't go and do something to change it! I should embrace it wholeheartedly and show the world that I love who I was. I always loved Sara Bareilles. She always seemed so stunning to me, same thing with Lea Michelle. These gals have inspired me to not conform to what society thinks is "normal" or "beautiful". They of all people, would know what it feels to have pressure from those around them to change their features. Record labels, producers, publicists, agents, the list goes on and on. But no, they didn't cave in. They refused to let someone else change them just because they were different. They instead, are proud of who they are and accept the features that show their culture, genes, and heritage. I love that! I love that they had the guts to say no and love who they were made to be.

They inspire me...

& not just because they are famous. But like i said, I can only imagine the pressure! You see it all the time. People in Hollywood getting nose jobs, cheekbone implants, breast augmentations all to please the people who say they aren't good enough! Who are they to say you are not beautiful the way you were created? Think about it. People who go under the knife are simply just not happy with the way they were made, and that to me shows a lack of confidence. Yes, they might turn out beautiful to society's standards and all, but what does that say about their self esteem?

I choose to admire those people who have taught me that embracing myself for who I am is the real definition of beauty. The ones that say embracing that "tomato-ey" nose is what shows confidence. The ones who have defied the norm and shows us gals that beauty is loving who you are, and not changing yourself. God created you, and isn't everything he does, perfection? So why change that? Love it! Show it! Flaunt it! You're beautiful just the way you are (Bruno Mars, how did you get in here?!). I've learned that instead of complaining of my "tomato" shaped nose, I should be happy that I actually can breathe and have no nasal issues! I'm proud of my nose. It shows that I am different and not like everyone else!

So this brings me to this. How bout we start a revolution? Encourage others around us to embrace who they are! Encourage natural born beauty! None of that surgical stuff! Show people that we are beautiful just the way we are!

& for discussion I would love to hear what you guys have to say. What has been your "nose issue?" What have you learned to embrace as the years passed by and how did you do it? (:

Well I hope you guys have an amazing week! Don't forget about Coffee Friday tomorrow over at Paloma's blog! Remember to love yourself and each other. (:

<3 Stef


  1. I know I don't have a beautiful nose... LOL! But it's mine... and God made it like that... I actually like it... it's part of who I am... I wouldn't like it any different! :) So ... yes... embrace it! Thank you for the mention!

    1. Yes! God us made beautiful and we should embrace it! :) Thanks for stopping by Paloma! :)