Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DiY: Mosaic Boxes!

Guys, i did it! I finally bought Modpodge. The KING of DIY supplies! I mean you can literally do ANYTHING with it. Seal furniture, puzzles, use it as a glue or a base; and it comes in all different finishes! Amazing right? I've been wanting to do something with tissue paper lately since I have tons of it stashed away from my Hobby Lobby rampages. (How can anyone resist a 1000 pieces of tissue paper for 5$?!) Also, since I have this problem with storing boxes of any kind, I wanted to incorporate the two. Once i finished these little guys I realized they would be fantastic for a variety of things! Storage, gift boxes, decorations, or to just give away. I think a set of 3 in different sizes will be the cutest gift ever! Besides, this DIY is SUPER easy and only requires 5 things! My kind of project! :)

Supplies Needed:

-A Box
-A Paintbrush
-Colorful Tissue Paper
-Scissors (I used an X-acto Knife)

1. Prime your surface by painting a layer of ModPodge all over the box.
2. While your box dries; cut your tissue paper into small even squares. (Mine weren't so even LOL)

3. Once your box is dry. Take your lid & place another layer on ModPodge. Quickly start adding the tissue paper squares. Get crazy, get creative! The ModPodge will start to dry, so take some on your finger and keep spreading it as you keep adding the tissue paper. Set aside.

4. Take the base and add a another layer of ModPodge. This time, take long pieces of tissue paper and cover the whole box. Once you are done add another layer to seal it. Let it dry.

& you're done! Super easy right? Told ya! :) If you make some yourself, make sure to take a pic and tweet it to me [estefarochi] ! I would love to see it!

Also, let me know what you think of these DIY's. I ain't no Martha Stewart, but there is some spark in there for sure!

<3 Stef

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