Monday, September 24, 2012

Banana Granola Milkshake!

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready to start this new week full of energy and excitement! I know people usually hate Mondays, saying goodbye to the relaxing & the partying and back to routine, work, or school. I personally like Mondays (considering I am a fan of routine) however when my sleeping schedule goes all wacko on me and I end up only getting a few hours of sleep that Sunday night I tend to dread the waking up process the next day. When that is the case, and I need an EXTRA perk i love to make this milkshake which gives me that extra boost I need to get my day going! I consider it more as a treat, since I usually like to have my Herbalife shake in the morning (which I swear by!) however every once in a while I can't help to succumb to the banana-ey goodness that this milkshake is made of!

It's super simple & chockfull of amazing ingredients, which are all vegan and super good for you! It will give you that boost of natural energy from the banana which is full of potassium and natural sugars. The chia seeds will add important Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet which is are important in heart and cholesterol health. It is usually found in fish, meaning some vegetarian and vegans don't get enough of it, so adding chia seeds to anything is always an awesome vegan way to get it. As for the almond milk, it has always been my preferred choice for a milk alternative, as it taste AMAZING and is fairly low calorie. If you haven't had any, you're missing out! Cow's milk ain't got NOTHING on this!

 All of my bananas were frozen and cut up, so I used a fake banana for this shot. Totally looks real right?


16 oz of Almond Milk (I've only used the Vanilla flavor, but can be substituted with the Original)

1 Frozen Banana (cut it up before you freeze it and place in a Ziploc)

A Tablespoon of Vegan Granola (or regular granola if you're not Vegan)

A tablespoon of Chia Seeds (Yes, the same ones used for Chia Pets! You can buy these at your local health store)

Place your almond milk, frozen banana and granola in a blender. Blend, blend blend! After about 10-15 seconds add in your chia seeds and blend for a few more seconds, and you're done! See how easy that was? Delicious and simple! Sometimes I'll also have this for dessert or on the days I am craving something sweet. Totally hits the spot!

Sometime this week try this recipe and let me know how it goes! I can guarantee you, it won't disappoint!

<3 Stef