Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obsession: LH's Screen Tests

YouTube, oh the wonders of YouTube! Do you ever find yourself thinking on a certain video, "How in the world did I get here?" I mean one can start with simply looking for a video tutorial on how to do a tie and end up watching a video on how creepy a baby bullet can really be. As I was searching for whatever my brain wanted to explore that day, I came across these Lynn Hirschberg’s screen test videos which are simply phenomenal. They are so simple yet so profound, allowing us to get inside the heads of our favorite actors. I cant help but fall in love with the simple black background, black and white tone, and editing. Here are some of my favorites....

Hands down, my favorite. She's just so down to earth.

So funny, & that smile....

Her opening is said so beautifully. I think i felt a tear....

3:27. Is all I have to say. (:

To be honest, im really inspired to do my own little screen tests. You know, to just keep in my files and to have as something I could go back to a few years from now. To see how much i've changed (or stayed the same). I think its sucha brilliant idea. We'll see how it goes. (:

Have an amazing Tuesday!

<3 Stef

Monday, September 24, 2012

Banana Granola Milkshake!

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready to start this new week full of energy and excitement! I know people usually hate Mondays, saying goodbye to the relaxing & the partying and back to routine, work, or school. I personally like Mondays (considering I am a fan of routine) however when my sleeping schedule goes all wacko on me and I end up only getting a few hours of sleep that Sunday night I tend to dread the waking up process the next day. When that is the case, and I need an EXTRA perk i love to make this milkshake which gives me that extra boost I need to get my day going! I consider it more as a treat, since I usually like to have my Herbalife shake in the morning (which I swear by!) however every once in a while I can't help to succumb to the banana-ey goodness that this milkshake is made of!

It's super simple & chockfull of amazing ingredients, which are all vegan and super good for you! It will give you that boost of natural energy from the banana which is full of potassium and natural sugars. The chia seeds will add important Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet which is are important in heart and cholesterol health. It is usually found in fish, meaning some vegetarian and vegans don't get enough of it, so adding chia seeds to anything is always an awesome vegan way to get it. As for the almond milk, it has always been my preferred choice for a milk alternative, as it taste AMAZING and is fairly low calorie. If you haven't had any, you're missing out! Cow's milk ain't got NOTHING on this!

 All of my bananas were frozen and cut up, so I used a fake banana for this shot. Totally looks real right?


16 oz of Almond Milk (I've only used the Vanilla flavor, but can be substituted with the Original)

1 Frozen Banana (cut it up before you freeze it and place in a Ziploc)

A Tablespoon of Vegan Granola (or regular granola if you're not Vegan)

A tablespoon of Chia Seeds (Yes, the same ones used for Chia Pets! You can buy these at your local health store)

Place your almond milk, frozen banana and granola in a blender. Blend, blend blend! After about 10-15 seconds add in your chia seeds and blend for a few more seconds, and you're done! See how easy that was? Delicious and simple! Sometimes I'll also have this for dessert or on the days I am craving something sweet. Totally hits the spot!

Sometime this week try this recipe and let me know how it goes! I can guarantee you, it won't disappoint!

<3 Stef

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embrace It, Don't Change It

Lea Michele/Sara Bareilles: Aren't they absolutely stunning?

I shall be honest. I never really liked my nose. I remember growing up, placing clothespins (yes, you heard right!) right on the tip, so it would "reshape itself". (How silly and painful of me!) I would often find myself thinking, why can't I just have a normal nose like everyone else? Why does mine have to be of such a large tomato-ey shape?! As time passed by I started to forget about my nose shape and didn't even really think about it at times. One day however, while a few of my friends and I were rummaging through some pictures we had just developed, someone pointed it out. They pointed out the facial feature I had forgotten about for some time. The one that had made me once clip laundry paraphernalia onto my myself. It was sudden. A rush of all those feelings of lack of acceptance came back and made me realize again that my nose was not exactly the shape I wanted it to be. For years after that, I was convinced that I was going to have a nose job as soon as I was able to afford it. I wanted that perfectly angled and sized nose that everyone on TV and the magazines seemed to have. I remember telling my mom my "surgical plan" and her looking at me like I was crazy. I had googled and searched for doctors in town and went so far as to even calling some places for quotes.

It was pretty pathetic and sad at the same time.

The whole nose job hype started to dwindle down & I started to focus on other things. I started to realize that God gave me my nose and that I should be proud of it. I shouldn't go and do something to change it! I should embrace it wholeheartedly and show the world that I love who I was. I always loved Sara Bareilles. She always seemed so stunning to me, same thing with Lea Michelle. These gals have inspired me to not conform to what society thinks is "normal" or "beautiful". They of all people, would know what it feels to have pressure from those around them to change their features. Record labels, producers, publicists, agents, the list goes on and on. But no, they didn't cave in. They refused to let someone else change them just because they were different. They instead, are proud of who they are and accept the features that show their culture, genes, and heritage. I love that! I love that they had the guts to say no and love who they were made to be.

They inspire me...

& not just because they are famous. But like i said, I can only imagine the pressure! You see it all the time. People in Hollywood getting nose jobs, cheekbone implants, breast augmentations all to please the people who say they aren't good enough! Who are they to say you are not beautiful the way you were created? Think about it. People who go under the knife are simply just not happy with the way they were made, and that to me shows a lack of confidence. Yes, they might turn out beautiful to society's standards and all, but what does that say about their self esteem?

I choose to admire those people who have taught me that embracing myself for who I am is the real definition of beauty. The ones that say embracing that "tomato-ey" nose is what shows confidence. The ones who have defied the norm and shows us gals that beauty is loving who you are, and not changing yourself. God created you, and isn't everything he does, perfection? So why change that? Love it! Show it! Flaunt it! You're beautiful just the way you are (Bruno Mars, how did you get in here?!). I've learned that instead of complaining of my "tomato" shaped nose, I should be happy that I actually can breathe and have no nasal issues! I'm proud of my nose. It shows that I am different and not like everyone else!

So this brings me to this. How bout we start a revolution? Encourage others around us to embrace who they are! Encourage natural born beauty! None of that surgical stuff! Show people that we are beautiful just the way we are!

& for discussion I would love to hear what you guys have to say. What has been your "nose issue?" What have you learned to embrace as the years passed by and how did you do it? (:

Well I hope you guys have an amazing week! Don't forget about Coffee Friday tomorrow over at Paloma's blog! Remember to love yourself and each other. (:

<3 Stef

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

San Francisco...Here We Come!

Counting down the days till I get to meet this wonderful city! Me & Isaac have been wanting to go for a while now, and are excited that we finally are taking our first road trip to Northern California. I've always loved San Francisco, seems like a place I would fit right in. If you've been there, what do you recommend we visit? I'm literally just drooling over the fact that we'll be there for the weekly Farmers Market at Ferry Plaza! Oh San Francisco...why must you be so darn beautiful?
<3 Stef

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Layout & Blabber

Seriously, What do you think? Not that I am need of everyone's opinion, but in this case I really do care!

What do you think of the new layout...i got bored and decided to change it up. I really like the colors since im obsessed (always have) with teal and anything in the color family. I must admit i miss the orange... and am considering just changing back. Idk. We'll see. & Although i really like that obnoxious picture of me sticking out my tongue, im wondering if it's too much as a header. I originally wanted it to be on the side by the "Hello!" but just couldn't get it to work.

So? Leave a comment! Cause I would love to hear your opinions!

How's your guys' day so far? I've been pretty good. Been in a really "pensative" [<--if that's even a word] lately. You know. Thinking about all those situations that arise in life. Kinda like my whole quarter life crisis mood, just not that severe. Which btw, makes me think. I know there's people out there that read this blog. So i always wonder. How come none of you ever leave comments?!

I mean to be honest. I would LOVE to interact with the lovely people who bother to read my online ramblings. It's like when I write, I actually feel like I am talking to a bunch of lovely strangers who I feel are like my friends, as weird as that sounds. Really though, You guys should leave a comment every once in a while. You know, so that we can interact on some level. If you don't have an account, or just want to be kept anonymous, there's an option for that! The Internet caters to everyone's needs!

So with that I bring this short but somehow "to the point" post to an end. But, Oh yeah! I almost forgot...

Here are a few of the songs that I am LA LA LA LOVING at the moment. You can pretty much say that they have been on repeat for the last week and a half or so. They are amazing!

"RadioActive" - Imagine Dragons (Vegas natives, baby!)

"One More Night" - Maroon 5

"Blame It On The Sun" - Stevie Wonder

"Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu" - Ricky Martin ft. Natalia Jimenez (I swear,this song makes me so happy!)

& I Love Her - The Beatles  (Truly, one of my favorites)

Well with that I leave you my Internet friends. Don't forget to have an amazing week. Can you believe that we are already halfway through September?! I mean, I literally remember New Years like it was yesterday!

<3 Stef

Monday, September 17, 2012


Mejor tarde que nunca verdad? Feliz Dia de La Independencia Mexicana! Que viva el pais donde la comida rica nunca falta y la cultura esta en abundancia! Nada se compara a este pais maravilloso! La gente es unica, el ambiente hermoso, y pues de la comida, ni se diga! Como siempre eh dicho, naci aqui en los Estado Unidos, pero la sangre que corre por mis venas es 100% Mexicana! Que orgullo realmente saber que vengo de tan bonita cultura!

Nosotros no nos pasamos jugando a La Pirinola y fuimos a pasear a unos de los casinos donde habian decorado para las festividades. Como quisiera haber estado en Mexico durante este tiempo! De seguro se pone increible!

Como se la pasaron ustedes? Hicieron algo especial? :)  Tambien un saludo para todos lo otros paises de Centro America que tambien celebraron su Dia de Independencia! :)

Aqui estan otras entradas de blog que fueron inspiradas por este pais maravilloso! Para que se entrengan!

Que tengan una feliz semana! Nunca se olviden de la maravillas que nos rodean!

<3 Stef

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DiY: Mosaic Boxes!

Guys, i did it! I finally bought Modpodge. The KING of DIY supplies! I mean you can literally do ANYTHING with it. Seal furniture, puzzles, use it as a glue or a base; and it comes in all different finishes! Amazing right? I've been wanting to do something with tissue paper lately since I have tons of it stashed away from my Hobby Lobby rampages. (How can anyone resist a 1000 pieces of tissue paper for 5$?!) Also, since I have this problem with storing boxes of any kind, I wanted to incorporate the two. Once i finished these little guys I realized they would be fantastic for a variety of things! Storage, gift boxes, decorations, or to just give away. I think a set of 3 in different sizes will be the cutest gift ever! Besides, this DIY is SUPER easy and only requires 5 things! My kind of project! :)

Supplies Needed:

-A Box
-A Paintbrush
-Colorful Tissue Paper
-Scissors (I used an X-acto Knife)

1. Prime your surface by painting a layer of ModPodge all over the box.
2. While your box dries; cut your tissue paper into small even squares. (Mine weren't so even LOL)

3. Once your box is dry. Take your lid & place another layer on ModPodge. Quickly start adding the tissue paper squares. Get crazy, get creative! The ModPodge will start to dry, so take some on your finger and keep spreading it as you keep adding the tissue paper. Set aside.

4. Take the base and add a another layer of ModPodge. This time, take long pieces of tissue paper and cover the whole box. Once you are done add another layer to seal it. Let it dry.

& you're done! Super easy right? Told ya! :) If you make some yourself, make sure to take a pic and tweet it to me [estefarochi] ! I would love to see it!

Also, let me know what you think of these DIY's. I ain't no Martha Stewart, but there is some spark in there for sure!

<3 Stef

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things Las Vegas DOES NOT Know.

Pretty rain drops that are causing MAJOR chaos

1. Rain. Snow. & Any other kind of climate that is not HOT blistering sun.

2. The Lottery. All we know is you can go to state line to buy a ticket. However, have no real care for it or have no real idea on how it works.

3. Places that actually close. Yup, its true. We're pretty spoiled here. Hungry at 2 am. Check. Need to buy stockings in the middle of the night. Check. Want to just go people watch at 3 am? Check. Check. Check.

4. Expensive steak. Yeah sure, you can get that $60 dollar platter at Lawry's. However, why go there, when the 7.99$ special at that Downtown casino is just as good.

5. Paid Parking. The first time I ever encountered such thing was in Mexico. I was literally appalled.

6. Freestanding Movie Theaters. You know, the ones that every place BUT Las Vegas has. A La' Drake & Josh. I always wanted to go to one of those. All we know is the need to park at a casino and walk through it to get to the darn movie.

7. Fireplaces. I think I've seen one fired up twice in my lifetime. If someone has one in their house, it's usually just as a decoration. Or excuse to have a mantle.

8. Pretty Flowers. or any kind of greenery. & if you want some, they're expensive. So we usually like to stick to the usual; cactus, sagebrush, palm trees. I saw my first (in the ground) Hydrangea in Mexico last month!

So there you have it. Things Las Vegas (and it's inhabitants) have no clue about. I did this on the fly, being inspired by all the darn chaos that is happening around the city today. It's like people have no idea how to drive or act around rain. It's pretty hilarious. I bet if you're from somewhere in which it rains all the time, you would have a grand ol' time people watching here.

What are things you find funny when visiting other places? Leave a comment! I la la love comments!

& To all my Las Vegans out there. Be safe! Flash floods are no joke!

<3 Stef

Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Things

Vegas sunset on a Summer evening.
- To Forgive. I'm learning that everyone makes mistakes, and that no matter how "big" or detrimental they might seem or how much those mistakes have hurt & jaded me, I am no one to NOT forgive the person who made them. I am learning that once you TRULY forgive someone, and make an effort to let go of all that resentment, a burden is lifted off your shoulders. It's like I can walk free again. Like all those chains that used to bond me are no more.

-Take My Vitamins. This used to be a big hassle for me. I always dreaded it and would often skip the whole thing just so I wouldn't have to feel those pills in my esophagus.  I would drink a WHOLE tall glass of water for 1 vitamin, so you could imagine how full i felt by the third one. However, once I read this article, it all changed. I now look down and can take them all with one glass of water!

-Feel Comfortable Without Makeup. It's like that milestone that every girl wishes to pass. I don't have perfect skin (i can probably say I have the complete opposite of that) But even with the sometimes red, uneven terrain of the land i call my skin, I have learned to not be so self conscious about it. & it feels amazing.

-Wake Up Early. I'm a night owl, so getting up early in the mornings has never been an easy task for me. I have never successfully mastered what i call the ideal morning routine, but am learning that the earlier i wake up, the more time i have to accomplish stuff. & it always feels good to have done a third of your to do list by 10 am.

- Stay Focused. Never have I been so consistent on exercise. I have been working out at least 5-6 days a week ever since i came back from vacation.  I vary between Zumba classes, running, and the elliptical. I remember when I could barely finish a Zumba class or run for 5 minutes without tiring. Now I can finish a class with energy, and can finish my 2 mile runs without stopping! I'm learning it's just a matter of staying focused & being consistent.

Oh yeah; and Im completely obsessed with this song, it's pretty fantastic.

<3 Stef 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I actually posted anything remotely close to a recipe and figured after cooking this dish that it would be the perfect opportunity to do so. While this isn't "technically" a recipe and more of a technique?, I guess it still counts (and is utterly delicious!).
I try to eat as much of a vegan diet as I can, you know, clean foods, raw foods, whole foods that sort of thing. (or at least I like to think i do). & like to go by the rule that if nature didn't create it, i have no business eating it. Sticking to dishes that I have prepared myself, lets me be conscious of everything that makes up that certain meal. As much as I'd like to say that I abide with the whole "Absolutely NO Animal Meat or Products", I can't help but get weak in the knees when I see a perfectly cut fillet of salmon, just waiting for me to season it and cook it! Everything about it makes me go crazy, and I not a lot of things have that affect on me....okay maybe a few. But still. How can you NOT like salmon? It's like perfection from the sea. & anyways, living by labels is overated. I like to eat what I want without being confined by strict rules. Wholesome, fresh, awesome foods is should always be ones way to go.
So here's the deal on how I cook it. Easy stuff, only 2 ingredients needed. There are different ways of course, but when I have a fresh piece i like to pan fry it.
Pan frying is a method form of frying characterized by the use of minimal cooking oil or fat (compared to shallow frying or deep frying); typically using just enough oil to lubricate the pan. [source] 

I must admit, I am one of those "pre-made seasonings" kind of gal. If i find something that makes my dishes taste good, you better believe i will be using it. (while being aware of the sodium content, of course). So right now, I am using this seasoning to put in all my stuff. Vegetables, potatoes, salmon, you name it, it's probably in there. It's awesome, and although it states its for grilling purposes, it totally works on non-grill cooking too.

So here's how the magic happens. I drop a little olive oil on it, rub it all over (salmon massage time!) and then sprinkle on the seasoning on both sides. Super simple right? Told ya! Let it sit for a little bit so the seasonings can be infused. Meanwhile, heat up your skillet to a medium high and add some olive oil. (Just a touch) Place your salmon and let it cook on each side for about 4-5 minutes, depending on the thickness. While you wait on your delicious and wholesome fish, saute some mushrooms and asparagus and you got yourself a meal! This totally took me like 20 minutes to complete. Perfection in my book.

"I remember growing up in Seattle, all we ever had was salmon for dinner. I would complain to my parents 'salmon again?!', not realizing how lucky I was considering I now live in a desert."
 - Mel (a dear friend)
True that!

P.S: Here's another post on cooking and marinating fish!! :)