Thursday, August 30, 2012


I just realized i always eat my cutup fruit with my hands. No utensils or toothpicks, as i find no need for them.
Kind of like that joke, "look ma, no hands!" but instead change it to "look ma, just hands!"
Guess that isn't really funny, but yet again, the original joke isn't very clever either.

I guess what I am saying here is, keep it simple. I'm digging the 'simplicity' in things lately.
I haven't worn much (or any) makeup over the last few days, or used any heat tools on my hair. I haven't worn an undershirt (as TMI as that sounds) under my clothes, and have resorted to wearing only a watch when it came to accessories.

Simple, i like. or maybe i'm just lazy. Either way, i dig it.


Don't forget about Coffee Friday tomorrow over at The Coffee Shop! I shall be honest, I've cut back on my caffeine intake severely since i came back from vacation. However, I forgot to mention HOW MUCH coffee i drank DURING vacation. How could I resist the aroma of "cafe de olla" and freshly baked "pan dulce" for breakfast and merienda? It was out of my routine to drink coffee right before bed, but it quickly became my favorite part of the day.  (:

Have an awesome Thursday!

<3 Stef


  1. Yes... keeping it simple is nice! :) Plus you're pretty and make up sometimes just hides it... a little bit is ok... ;)

    thanks Stef! ;)


    1. Aww thanks paloma! :) If only you saw me straight out of bed! LOL