Thursday, August 2, 2012

Preconceived Notions

So i read this article and it kinda inspired me to just let loose with whatever is on my mind right now. You know, random thoughts and ideas. Kinda like my late night ramble posts... but I guess this one will have more consistency since I am NOT tired, dazed, or half asleep. So right now at the moment what is REALLY on my mind is those awesome patterned or colored duct tape you see in stores now, but that's not really what I wanted to talk about, so lets get into this.


Honestly, never had a desire to go. I mean that's where EVERYBODY goes. That's where all the people who don't know what a good deserted island in the middle of the archipelago of Fiji go. I mean it all seems so generic, so watered down. That, I've noticed seems to happen to a lot of places who come accustomed to the masses (i should know). I always perceived Hawaii as unable to give me that experience I crave. The one where the local culture is seeping through every street and person. The one without all those "deals" catered to the tourist and their fannypacks. It all just seemed like mediocre 5 star hotels & watered down SPAM dishes to me. It seemed that way until I saw these pictures.

Then it hit me, EVERY place has a culture and a local feel. EVERY place thing and person has beauty so don't be turned off by what you see or what people tell you. This meaning, I shouldn't conjure preconceived notions about places and things that I really have never taken the time to familiarize myself with. Things I haven't done so myself. Places I haven't experienced with my own soul.

As my mom always said when I refused to try new food (which was frequent as a child)

"Don't say you DON'T like it, till you try it Mija."

So true to many things in life. Why should I say I don't like something when I don't haven't even experienced it. In high school this was common within the girls. As one of my American Lit partners once said to me, "I don't like you, before I like you". Woah. O.o  Exactly the face I made when she said that. She said that if you wanted her to like you, you had to GET her to like you, which in my mind, never really made sense. This mindset was common within my high school hallways (as I can imagine with others too). Girls talking about other girls without really even knowing who they are. Rumors being started about people by people who they have never even talked to.

This mindset can also be played with celebrities. Us (the common folk) sometimes tend to make up our minds about certain famous people based on what is published on the tabloids or talked about on TV. People (myself included) tend to think we know them based on the snippets we hear and the things WE see, not realizing that they too are just like us and might not be in reality what the media portrays.

All in all, this post just makes me realize that I sometimes need to stop making these opinions in my head when I haven't even experienced or tried what I so already "dislike". If I dislike it after I get to know it, that's a different story. We can't like EVERYTHING right? So with that i finish this little ramble, that was written out of the moment, with me just typing away as thoughts zipped into my brain. It might not make sense, but then again, not everything does.

Which reminds me, I leave to Mexico in 1 week! So excited! & have settled ONE thing...

I AM TOTALLY wearing a sock bun on the plane.

<3 Stef

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  1. si mija! Your mom is right ;) .... Kiss Mexico for me! I miss it so much! Have lots of fun and take TONS OF PICTURES (I don't think I needed to tell you that, right?) ... so... thanks for sending people over! ;) Hopefully more will keep joining the party! Abrazos!

    1. I will ! :) Can't wait to see my moms reaction. She hasn't been back since 1999!

  2. Mija- my dad used to call me that. I haven't heard it in years. You just brought back a whole flood of memories all in his voice.

    Have a great day!