Thursday, August 30, 2012


I just realized i always eat my cutup fruit with my hands. No utensils or toothpicks, as i find no need for them.
Kind of like that joke, "look ma, no hands!" but instead change it to "look ma, just hands!"
Guess that isn't really funny, but yet again, the original joke isn't very clever either.

I guess what I am saying here is, keep it simple. I'm digging the 'simplicity' in things lately.
I haven't worn much (or any) makeup over the last few days, or used any heat tools on my hair. I haven't worn an undershirt (as TMI as that sounds) under my clothes, and have resorted to wearing only a watch when it came to accessories.

Simple, i like. or maybe i'm just lazy. Either way, i dig it.


Don't forget about Coffee Friday tomorrow over at The Coffee Shop! I shall be honest, I've cut back on my caffeine intake severely since i came back from vacation. However, I forgot to mention HOW MUCH coffee i drank DURING vacation. How could I resist the aroma of "cafe de olla" and freshly baked "pan dulce" for breakfast and merienda? It was out of my routine to drink coffee right before bed, but it quickly became my favorite part of the day.  (:

Have an awesome Thursday!

<3 Stef

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Para Ti: Mi Querido Mexico.


It was a good vacation. A much needed vacation. An anxious vacation. A peaceful vacation. A nostalgic vacation that left me wanting more.
It was all I could have ever wanted.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Columbus Circle, New York City [circa May '12]

"Yeah, you know how awesome it is when it’s just drizzling outside. But it’s not really raining so it smells like rain, but you don’t need an umbrella to go outside."
-Finn Hudson (Glee)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pink Dress

I love photographing kids, they seem to capture perfectly every ray of the sun with their innocence and purity. Although sometimes they tend to be a bit more jumpy, they're always my favorite to work with.
Here's Daniela. My little 3 year old sister who's pink dress was just as adorable as her little smile. I took these on a trip to Tenancingo, a small town in el Estado de Mexico.
Right before we took these pictures, we found one of her princess bracelets lying around and decided it would be the perfect accessory to add.

Love this one! She was giving me a "posed smile" :) Isn't she the adorable?
<3 Stef

Here's another post featuring Juanito. (:

This Week 8.24

My first bilingual post....we'll see how it goes. :p

Paseo Tollocan, Toluca (EdoMex) 
(Nevado de Toluca in the background!)

This week (as expressed in my last post) has been a week of adapting once again into what is my natural environment. Work, sleeping in my own bed, and the crazy (rather unstable) Vegas weather. It's been going really good actually. I think it's mostly because I've been really consistent with the whole "eating healthy & exercising everyday" commitment I have been so eager to be consistent with lately.

Which is a great thing, cause i feel amazing!

Esta semana (según lo expresado en la entrada anterior) ha sido una semana de adaptación una vez más en lo que es mi entorno natural. Trabajar, dormir en mi propia cama, y ​​estar en el loco (y bastante inestable) tiempo de la Las Vegas. Ha ido todo muy bien en realidad. Creo que es porque he sido consistente con mi plan de "comer sano y hacer ejercicio todos los días." El compromiso que eh decido no dejar.

Lo que es una gran cosa, porque me siento increíble!
Can't stop listening to/No pueda para de escuchar:
                                   "Cuando Me Enamoro" - Enrique Iglesias & Juan Luis Guerra
                                                              "Labios Compartido" - Mana

Started Watching/Empeza a ver:
Breaking Bad & Grimm; usually I'm not that into these kind of shows, but i'm hooked! *no pun intended*
No se si los pasaran en otros paises mas que EU, pero estan en Netflix! 

What am i eating/Que estoy comiendo?
This salad has been my lunch everyday; Vegan, low cal, full of protein and delicious!
E comido esta ensalada todos los dias para mi lunch; vegetariana, baja en calorias, y llena de proteina! :)

Matière à Réflexion
"EVERYONE has problems. Different, but we all have them. & alot of us are good at hiding at them."

"TODOS tenemos problemas. Differentes, pero los tenemos. Y muchos de nosotros somos buenos para disimularlos."

My Body: Currently doing a 2 week cleanse since i ate a lot of "not so healthy" things on vacation. Usually it's really good to do a cleanse every once in a while anyways.
My Mind; getting rid of any bad thoughts and thinking positive! Life is beautiful and I'm learning to enjoy all the wonderful things around me!

Mi Cuerpo: Estoy haciendo una limpieza instestinal de 2 semanas, porque durante las vacaciones podemos decir que no comi tan "sanamente." Por lo general es muy bueno hacerse una limpieza de vez en cuando y bueno ya me habia atrasado.
Mi Mente: deshacerme de esos malos pensamientos que no me llevan a nada y pensar positivo! La vida es hermosa y estoy aprendiendo a disfrutar de todas las cosas maravillosas que me rodean!

Favorite post this week/Articulo favorito de la semana:
"I'll Be There For You" - 20TwentySomething
"Sin Punta Y Coma"  -Letras Frescas Y Revueltas

I Feel/ Me Siento:
Happy & at Peace :)
Feliz y en Paz :)

So everyone, how was your week? Any awesome plans for this weekend?
Bueno, como estaba tu semana? Planes para el este fin? (:

<3 Stef

P.S; Happy birthday to my little brother, el mocoso que tanto adoro. Feliz Cumple Enano!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Post Travel Blues

why does my hand always look so weird in pictures?!

Oh the post travel blues. I always seem to be a victim of this horrible state of mind right after coming back from vacation. However, this time around it's different, much different. I have a feeling it's due to it mostly being a "visiting family you haven't seen in years" kind of trip. My family all comes from Mexico, most of them still living there, so visiting Mexico is more about being around family and gathering together rather than being on a regular trip. You know, the one where you go sightseeing and stay at hotels. Granted, we go out and visit places, but I just absolutely LOVE being around those who I haven't seen in so long. Spending time with them, even if it's just around the table during the evening "merienda", always seems to just make me appreciate life for what it is and not what I can GET from it. If that makes any sense. Makes me forget about all the materialism that I am surrounded by on a daily basis and I am reminded that LOVE and being around those who make you smile is what really matters.

Now that i type this, I realize why I am having some serious withdrawals.

They are 2 different worlds. So close but so completely different. I mean not to be biased or anything, but I feel like my beautiful country of Mexico has an abundance of humility, culture, and kindness. Not saying that it is perfect, but most of the people there are not so concerned about the material and consider values to be what's important. People care, people are kind, people say hi, and people don't judge. I am grateful for my country, I was born here and this nation has given me privileges that others around the world lack. However, when i came back, I felt such a frigid feeling as soon as I got out the plane. Airport staff was hasty, people that walked around me looked distracted, and the city, despite the crowds, looked empty and sad. It was such a weird feeling, that I remember thinking to myself if we are a group of such diversity why is there such monotony. Why do I sense that people aren't satisfied? Aren't happy?

It's been hard. Coming back. Mostly because every second of the day I am thinking about those people i love that are thousands of miles away. But also, I realize that I miss that feeling of that the culture and country exudes. This last trip made me realize how immersed we can be into the things that are just passing. We all want the good things in life, we all want that house, car, pretty things, but in reality does that bring one happiness? Temporarily, maybe. But like everything man made, it won't fill that void that sometimes one feels. That void that can only be filled with love, values, and those qualities that make a person great.

I know that I'll be back. Already am planning for sometime next June or July. Can't wait to once again set foot on such a beautiful country, whose blood runs through my veins.

Have a wonderful week. Don't forget to LOVE, because after all that's what makes everything worth while.

<3 Stef 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh Mexico!

Ex Hacienda De Temixco- Cuernavaca, Morelos

Xochitepec, Morelos

Beautiful, is all I can say. I mean I am just astounded at all the greenery around me! Maybe its the fact that I come from a desert but this place makes my heart patter! Definitely one of my favorite places that I have visited so far. Cuernavaca is called ¨La Ciudad de La Eterna Primera¨ which literally translates into the ¨City of Eternal Spring¨. The weather here is tropical all year round which makes it ideal for people nearby like Mexico City or Toluca (where my family is from) to come here and vacation. It´s temperate during the nights, humidity is well in the air, and it feels like your minutes away from the ocean, when you´re really almost 4 hours away! Weird huh? The town is friendly, small, filled with small cobblestone streets and speedy motorcycles. Things are pretty basic, with cable and Internet being a luxury.  (reason why I'm at a cyber cafe) However, being here feels amazing, I'm literally sitting across the street from the park above you while i see people sit nearby drinking ¨skimos¨ and snacking on fresh picked fruit. 

So after I'm done, i will walk across the street and do just that. 

<3 Stef