Friday, July 13, 2012


It's 3:05 in the morning...conversation got boring. jk. No Lily Allen quoting tonight..."no eating here tonight, I'm on a diet" the words of Dory which is not my case since I just finished eating 3 fresh baked cookies. Nope, not homemade but still delicious. Was scrounging the freezer and forgot we had a tub of Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. Oatmeal Cranberry, yum. I hadn't gone on here and had a late night ramble in a while so I decided to do so considering that when I look back sometimes, I like to see what I was thinking at that moment. Right now, I won't lie, I'm a bit tired, delusional? It's hot in my house, and a cooler compared to outside. Guess turning on the oven to make those cookies didn't really help. Oh well. So considering it's Friday, how was your week? Awesome I hope! So speaking of awesome, the amazing Tara from No Where to Go But Crazy nominated me for a blog award! (If you haven't checked her out already, do so! She has amazing photography skills!) I don't really know too much about Internet blog awards or how they work, but thought it was a cool idea.

Nomination Rules:
1. Post the award image to your blog.
2. Link the person who awarded you.
3. Post 7 random things about you.
4. Nominate other 8 relatively new blogs.

7 Random Things about Me:
1. I  put Jalapenos in my popcorn when I go to the movies.
2. I ALWAYS wash my face before I got sleep. ALWAYS.
3.. I love murder/crime solving shows and can never watch too many of them.
4. I can pull an all nighter easily. Waking up in the morning? That's another story.
5. I've always had this weird secret crush (borderline obsession) on Ryan Gosling's voice. 
6. I really want to die my hair and ombre style.
7. Anything Rachel McAdams or Anne Hathaway do is golden in my book.
So since most of the blogs that I follow aren't really new, I made sure I ventured out and found new blogs for me to read. So they might not be new, but THEY are new to me (:  I will also include blogs that I just find incredibly awesome.

Here they are! Check them out!

In Other News:

i love this guy. we have so much fun together. i couldn't ask for a better last (almost) 6 years (:

I love looking through old pics of us while listening to "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung. Which I'm convinced will totally be our song when we get married.

which reminds me.

I locked my keys in my car.....again. jeez. Good thing Isaac let me borrow his car cause if not I would be in some serious trouble. So now that its about 4:30 in the am and after a LOT of internet wandering, i am really wondering if I should even go to sleep. I mean i have to wake up around 8:30 tomorrow so I probably should get SOME sleep...or maybe I should make coffee and stay up and do that video for that one event for that one person that requested it. I'll probably just go to sleep on the couch since that's where I'm at anyways. Which brings me to my next know how in movies whenever someone is researching, studying, or doing some major discovering they always are in a DARK room with 1 little light illuminating whatever their doing?  that's totally me right now. which is ironic because I was convinced that NOBODY did that. guess i was wrong.

Alright folks, that's enough rambling for today. Don't forget about Coffee Friday over at Paloma's blog The Coffee Shop today! Link up and leave some comments ova thurr.

yup I said Chingy in that one song.


<3 Stef


  1. Lovely little ramble. Sometimes those are the best. Thanks for the shout out, you deserve that award.
    Whenever I hear that someone has locked their keys in their car, I always think of that scene from "Robin Hood Men in Tights" at the end, when he can't unlock the chastity belt... "CALL A LOCKSMITH!!!"
    Have a great weekend, what's left of it!

    1. Hahaha! OMG! I totally forgot about that movie! & thanks, rambling late at night is so soothing! (: