Thursday, July 26, 2012

Go Green!

I know what you're thinking. "Green. Don't think so." How do i know? Cause I had the same thoughts. Green triggers thoughts of nasty flavors. At least in my book. They really tried to convert me with the whole "Green Apple" flavor and color in candy when I was little, but I never bought into it. I heard alot about "green smoothies" (which were packed with lots of vegetables, leafy greens, and seeds, yet tasted like fruity heaven) so I started to really research these guys a lot  more. I realized that the key to an awesome green smoothie was to try to get as much "healthy stuff" as you could while masking the bitter or odd flavor by adding some fruit . [Yeay for nature's candy!] Seemed like a good deal right? You're drinking something which does good for your body, without tasting all that "healthiness", which seem to turn a lot of people off. So I obliged, bought what I thought would make a good smoothie, and blended away. I would drink and they would satisfy. Nothing outstanding, nothing amazing. "Ehh" was my reaction, quickly getting over the "hype" I made up for it. The texture was also odd not really realizing that certain components are needed to create a great green smoothie.


As I was internet awandering, I somehow came across "Oh She Glows "Classic Green Monster Smoothie Recipe" and its story. I made a skeptical face, thinking "how different is this to anything i've made before." However, decided to give it a go since I was in need of dinner and already had the ingredients on hand. I grabbed everything, placed it in the blender and watched as the spinach and banana goodness pureed into a bright green color. *skeptical face continued* I stopped blending and poured the green awesomeness  into my beloved Mason glass. Sipped & literally fell in love. I don't believe there is such thing as love at first sip, but i assure you, after trying this "monster" you too will fall in love! I was surprised at how similar it tasted to my childhood "Licuados de Platano". I was so surprised. I was so overjoyed that I had to make my sister one when she came home. She too fell in love.

Now I have these babies around 3-4 times a week in the morning on a semi empty stomach *after i take my tea of course* so i can let my body suck up all the nutrients. They're also amazing as a post workout treat, especially in the summer when all you want is a cold treat. So what do you say? Joining the "Green Monster Movement" anytime soon?

Have an amazing Thursday!

<3 Stef

PS: Don't forget about "Coffee Friday" tomorrow at "The Coffee Shop"! Paloma assured we'll be in for a special treat!! :) So stop on by, bring some coffee (or a green smoothie!) and link up!


  1. Hi Stef! I'm so happy you posted this, I was just asking around for a healthy smoothie recipe. I'm def. going to give it a try.

    1. Try it! It's awesome. Mostly all you taste is the banana :)