Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puppy Love

My Aunt's dog had a puppy, and he's pretty darn cute. I mean look at that little ball of cuteness! It's the size of my hand, maybe smaller, so delicate and precious! He's only 6 days old and still has yet to open his eyes to the world. Can you imagine? Being born but having your eyes shut tight? I want him, but know that's not possible. Not at this time anyways! His nose is so tender and his little paws are so tiny! I always awe at the fact on how God created those instincts within us. Like how this little bebe knew exactly to go to Mama for milk, and knew how to guide himself to her for warmth and comfort. & don't get me started on the birthing process. I was amazed at how dogs (and every animal) knows exactly what to do when bringing them delicate souls to this world. 

So if you have nothing better to do or your day seems to be dragging on, look to these pictures to remind yourself of God's awesomeness in everything he has created! (& of course the cuteness that is just too much!)

<3 Stef

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