Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Things I am in LOVE with right now...

Contemporary Dance
Mangos (they're in season, yeay!)
Blended Coffee Drinks (no hot coffee for me in this 102 degree weather!)
The Budget template I created on Excel
The idea of our family going to Mexico! (Mom hasn't been since 1999!)
My mom's fresh Hibiscus tea
Hot shower after a LONG day
God's Grace
Clear Nail Polish
This AWESOME video (go! i dare you not to smile or bop your head while watching...impossible!)

Yes, I've been lacking in the posts. That honestly (believe it or not) makes me sad, why? Cause I really enjoy writting and taking pictures. One of the things that really stops me from taking pictures of the things i do is the horrible lighting that's inside my apartment. I have a tiny window in the kitchen and a clear balcony door. However, this doesn't really give me much too work with. If you live somewhere that doesn't have amazing windows with natural lighting how do you go about photographing food or things in general without getting this crazy yellow tint from the lightbulbs? I really want to know...

I guess for now, I shall go with taking the things to my room and taking pics in there, since its the ONLY room in the house that has decent natural lighting. :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

P.S Come check out the party at The Coffee Shop, for Coffee Friday! Latest post from guest blogger Tara here!


  1. So... I am guessing you can enter this post in our Coffee Party... huh? LOL! ... I love "Mangos" all the time! ... so when are you all going to Mexico? Kiss it for me! :)

  2. Hi Stef! I'm stopping in from "The Coffee Shop" Happy Feature day to you. Paloma is awesome isn't she? Your blog looks interesting, I'm adding it to my favorites. :)
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tara! :) & yes, Paloma is awesome indeed!

  3. BTW- I also Love love love that candle from Bath and body. SO AWESOME!