Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday!

Considering I rarely put pictures of myself on here, you will have a one eyed smiling Stef greeting you this week (:

Oh Goodness, I leave for NYC tomorrow! Ahhh! My nerves are kicking in! Especially since I have yet to pack (and do laundry, shh!) I am considering trying to pack as light as possible since my suitcase will be just a carry-on size, so I am a little nervous on that end, however will be rolling up everything so all my stuff should fit. I unfortunately wont be taking my laptop with me since it has been having battery issues (frown face) but I will probably be updating through twitter (yes, i have one & in my defense, rarely use it lol) and instagram. So if you are remotely interested in my doings; follow me yo! [my username for both is; estefarochi]

So before I go onto the Monday Distractions list; I wanted to share some pictures of my week :)

Made this on Saturday; after seeing this; It was actually pretty good! I surprised myself lol

Last Tuesday I randomly decided to go walk Fremont Street after work. People there don't care if its 5:30 pm on a weekday; its a party ALL THE TIME down there. LOL

Pool season has started! We got in after church yesterday with our cousins. Beleive it or not its 100 degrees! I am NOT looking forward to the summer months. (hello 110' mornings, blah!)

 I went thrifting on Thursday and one of stores' parking lots looked like this. I love the colors!

Caught this shot on my iPhone which is why it's so grainy. Yet, was still impressed at how close I was able to get it. The flowers are beautiful btw, they are growing right outside the office building! (:

Alright so now for some internet wandering;

-Midday office rave? Should I need say more?

-Considering that my desktop is a jungle mess; this makes a lot of sense!

-Since I am an avid sticker user & instagramaniac; you can bet I will be ordering some of these soon!

-Yeay! I have a follower! & considering she has an awesome blog; check her out! (:

-What is Radical Self Love you ask? Watch this and find out! *I would always see it, never bothered to watch it, Now i am so glad I did!*

- Considering I celebrate Mother's Day everyday (no joke) I decided to go with a simple orchid this year (: she loved it.

- I should probably get slapped for this; but I finally watched Iron Man 2 last night. Isaac was shocked at the fact; so he picked up some cheesecake and we watched RDJ duke it out with Mr. Rourke!

-Ready for a sarcasm fix? Check out these ironic photos :)

-Am I the only one who finds it extremely odd that Mr. Bieber was part of Mayweather's entourage last week?

-If you are in town and have a few thousand calories to spare (& a big appetite) consider trying some of these!

-My favorite blogger at the moment (:

-This place was definitely the place to be at during the early 90's!

-Favorite song of the week.

I wish you a fabulous week; remember to make the most of it! (:

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