Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Things NYC Taught Me

New York City. It was everything that I imagined it to be. Hovering skyscrapers and buildings. Noise from bustling footsteps and honking cars. A rainbow of people of all different kinds. I want to go back. There is truly nothing like it, & I am so glad I got to experience it! So while being there the city taught me a deal of things. Things that i didn't expect, and things that were obvious. Either way, here they are in all it's coffee drinking, brisk walking, expensive living, glory!

1. Everyone, or at least 80% of everyone; orders out on a regular basis.
That's just the way it is. It cheaper, faster, and way easier to get some takeout from the local restaurant down the block. Seriously. With high prices on fresh produce and busy schedules it's the norm to order in or go out to eat 3 or 4 times a week. If you lag it in the kitchen, you'll love the variety the city has to offer when it comes to food!

2. Rock your NY apparel with pride!
One of the first things that I immediately saw was how common it was to wear apparel that had some sort of New York logo on it. Doesn't matter if it was the Yankees, a New York shirt (no I heart NY allowed though!) or a jacket, if it was repping New Yawk City, then people were all about it! I am used to coming from a land where only tourists wear Las Vegas shirts, and no locals would be caught wearing anything representing the so called city of sin...

3. Coffee & Bagels; breakfast for champions!
No matter if you are some high ranking attorney with a corner office or if you are on your way to English 101, it seems like everyone here has a cup of coffee and a bagel sandwich of some kind for breakfast! & why wouldn't they? They are utterly delicious (especially when made by Carlos at Manhattan Gourmet Deli on 168th Street and Audubon Avenue) No matter where you go in New York people are religiously addicted to their bagel and coffee. & Remember, its grab and go, no sitting around on this one!

4. The subway waits for no one.
oh yeah, and sit down fast!
I learned this the hard way on my first ever NYC subway trip. I got in "la di la di da" carefree as ever, hear a beep, then completely fall on top of some random stranger...yeahhhh, wasn't that smooth. The looks on everyones faces could definitely decipher that I was some kind of tourist. After that I learned that the subway waits about 2.4 seconds for you to get on and sit yourself down if you find a spare seat or grab a handle nearby!

5. Silence? What's that?
Yeah, I don't think a true native New Yorker has ever heard the complete and utter silence of nature (at least within the island). The city is masked with noisy car horns, people talking and laughing, footsteps crashing a top the concrete floor. Silence doesn't exist in the big metropolis, except maybe for the inside of a museum. & Even then, you could feel the noise that comes from the heartbeat of the city from within its soul!

6. Taking the ferry to Staten so worth it.
Even though i am part of the counter culture when it comes to traveling (never truly been a fan of guided tours and touristy landmarks) taking the Staten Island Ferry & seeing the Statue of Liberty was totally worth it. Even though my naive mind imagined it bigger, It's minuscule 20 minute ride across the Hudson, and beautiful view of Lower Manhattan's Financial District; made it totally worth it. We catched some fresh air, and it gave me some well deserved peaceful time to let all of NYC sink in to my city hungry soul.

7. New Yorkers aren't really all that rude.
Yeah, maybe they walk fast and look completely unhappy  while riding the subway; but rude they are not. I only encountered 2 people that were less than nice out of the millions that i walked with during my time there. I think that they have gotten the bad rap because people here just don't have time to be all extra nice about things. They have places to be, places to go and maybe the rest of the country is just used to super nice people who go the extra mile. Please and thank you suffice here, and no weird smiling at strangers either!

8. Don't bring up 9/11 to New Yorkers
 9/11 was something really traumatic to the people who saw it happened or were directly affected by it. Not to say that the rest of the country didn't, cause we were ALL affected by it. But I noticed it's really a touchy subject for them. They don't like to go near Ground Zero, they don't like to talk about it, the city itself is SUPER cautious about security, and if there is even a minor "emergency", people start to panic. They will never forget that day, and how their city was horribly attacked. My heart really truly goes out to them. They most out of everyone where the ones left with the deep scar in their hearts.

9. Things are expensive, get used to it.
No matter if it's a loaf of bread or a pair of designer jeans, things are going to be expensive. (Although I did find some takeout cheaper than cooking, refer to rule 1)
People that live here are used to paying 3$ for an avocado and don't need people to repeat how "expensive" everything seems to be. I learned that one just needs to suck it up and pay and not freak out over how cheaper it is back home. No worries though, I caught myself saying "Man, that's super expensive! I can get it cheaper in Vegas" many times, but realized that is just NYC living, and its inhabitants are a-ok with that.

10.  You can never really see all of New York
There is truly just so much! My friends sister said (who was born and raised) "I still have so much to see and I've been here 26 years!" That should tell you that it is virtually impossible to visit everything on your 1 week vacation. Sure you can still see a lot, but the city holds many treasures that people are still on the look out for!

So there you have it folks, all this coming from a Vegas native who is used to the masses of tourists, best in high end shopping, and 24 hour living. What did NYC teach you? Or if you've never been, what other city has taught you something? (:

Just a couple shots from the trip (: More to come!


  1. Great pictures and Great blog post!!! I LOVE NEW YORK (I've only been there once and all my pictures got lost due to a problem with the laptop I had back when!).... -sigh- ... I'd love to visit again soon... but I just know I'd never be able to live there... And you are right! You can't see all of NY ... (especially in my case... I only had a day to see it... and 1 day is definitely not enough!)

    1. Yes! One day is definitely not enough. If you ever do go back, take lots of pictures and blog about it! I love NYC posts!