Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Need Some NYC

Oh NYC. Oh how I long to walk your paved concrete streets and be surrounded by your hidden brownstone jungles. Seriously. This whole NYC addiction borderline unhealthy obsession is flaring up again. Kind of like seasonal allergies, but deadlier. & the only cure is for me to buy a ticket and go. (but) Unfortunately, that cannot happen. I am waiting for the right moment. & all this anticipation seems to make the future trip even more exciting. Why NYC you ask? I guess it's the unique and different architecture of the city, the diversity of the people, the masses that walk the streets, and the hustle and bustle that seems to never stop. Sure, Las Vegas has some H&B to it as well, but it tends to stop once you cross over Paradise Road onto the East Side or Valley View if heading West is where you're going. It's just different. I ain't worried tho. I am just feeding my hunger for the city through blogs and websites, and that seems to be taming it okay. For now at least. So until then, I will keep proclaiming my unrequited love with obsessively watching any shows or movies with a Manhattan background, and constantly checking flight prices on Kayak.

<3 Stef

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