Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

There is nothing more exciting than knowing something you have desperately longed for is near becoming reality. What am I referring to you ask? Ladies & Gents, I'm heading off to New York City babyyyyyyy! <-- hence my excitement by the many y's used. Seriously people, did I not just blog about how much i yearned to hear the sounds of bustling taxis and be enclosed by hovering skyscrapers while I walked with the masses on top of underground trains?! (: Ahhh, I am truly a testimony of how sometimes the best things happen to you when  you are completed blindsided by them!
With that being said, it is truly marvelous how God works and stays true to working in mysterious ways! Sometimes the most awesome opportunities come when you least expect them, completely taking you by surprise!  Friday morning, I only dreamed of one day visiting the big apple. Later that day, I found myself discussing with my mom about my NYC obsession and how it started to flare up again. She mentions to me how one of her good friends is going in 2 weeks and poked fun at how i should just tag along and hide in her suitcase."That it!". I said She gave a puzzled look. "I'll ask if I can go with her!". She started laughing, not believing that I would actually follow through with it. One hour later, I was deciding flight times and looking at my days off. Monday morning, not even 5 minutes after talking to Bossman and asking for my days off, I had a non-stop plane ticket booked to the big Metropolis!
I am leaving in exactly 15 days & you better believe I will be counting down the hours! This is so exciting to me! If you have been to The City, what are some must see places you recommend I check out? Let me know! Until then, I will obsessively keep thinking of ways to pack my bags, revising my "NYC ToDoList" till I can't no more, and keep on the lookout for this scarf or something similar. Since it is Monday, here are a few things to distract you...

- Looking at this room literally gives me anxiety attacks. Do you?

- We went to Bonnie Springs this weekend, post coming soon!

- Still without a car, hoping to get it back sometime this week!

- I want to start doing a Vegas Tourist series, where people can request places they want to see, reviewed, or checked out. What you think?

- I need to go to a J.Crew soon...and get me a pair of those darn pixie pants.

-I am obsessed with this blog who pays homage to my childhood. *closed eyed smile*

- Need inspiration? Watch one of these! I would like to add the training scene in this movie to the list!

- Favorite song of the week!

-Want to know how to properly hail a taxi? Read this, NOW!

- I always seem to play this game on my own & somehow thought I had a multi million $$ idea in the works. Turns out it's already been invented. (womp womp) Can't help but love it though!

Have a wonderful week! Any plans to make this first day of May fabulous?!

Picture is from here!

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