Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

(Downtown Las Vegas BTC Bus Station, my morning commute) :]

Another week passes by and I am starting to really beleive the whole "as you get older, time goes by faster" saying. Seriously! It does NOT feel like 4 months have just passed by! However, this just makes me enjoy life more and rejoice in God's amazing plan for my life! I've been really tired lately, and I have pinpointed it to the fact that I have completely slacked off in working out and in what i am eating these past few days. Once I realize how different I feel when I take my shake, vitamins, and eat as healthy and delicious as I can, I dont even want to eat out or set aside my daily pm runs. Isaac surprised me with the latest Newsweek edition that commerated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles, woohooo! It's things like that, which make me realize how darn lucky I am to have such a neat-o boyfriend (: My car is in the hospital for this week. Hopefully I have it back by Friday! In this town, you NEED car. Although I must admit, public transportation here doesn't completely suck and it doesn't hurt that the bus station isin't bad to look at. ;p

-Besides The Beatles, this makes me wish I was a flower child of the 60's!

-I'm a sucker for hotel&store front signs, so considering the latter, these photos are just orgasmic!  **for lack of a better word. lol.

-I received my Herbalife shipment last week, feel like a kid at Christmas! :)

-I love when people do posts about my city!

-Iron Girl '12 is 2 weeks away, and my knees are trembling!

-My family went out for mojarras, right after I wrote this post! Oh, the irony!

-If I had $150 dollars (and no bills to pay) I would totally buy this, it screams fresh and summer!

-It makes me so happy to know that I have such an amazing mom. I couldnt have asked for a more amazing woman. (Mother's Day gift ideas coming soon!)

- This instigated my craving for a weekend picnic!

- Once again, Biggest Loser has managed to have me bawling my eyes out and near fetal position. These folks are just so dang inspirational!

- I rediscovered my love for Sonic Cherry Creamslush treats. I had 2 this weekend! ah!

-Favorite song of the week: "Where are we Running" -Lenny Kravitz (:

So any plans for this week? What are your weekly favorites? (:

<3 Stef

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