Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday!

(fresh strawberries & grapes, my favorite snack at the moment!)

Hurrah! It's Monday! The thought of a fresh start to a new week is so refreshing. No, really it is. While 1/2 (or even more) of the people I know dread Lunes and can't understand how the weekend slipped by so quickly, I like to think of it as another opportunity to rejoice in God's amazing grace and beauty. So next time you want to hit the snooze button or just keep complaining on how you wished it was Friday already remember that it is what we make of it. If you are not happy, look for happiness and the perfect will of God in your life. If you are tired, boost your Vitamin C intake and go for a run! If you can't seem to figure out why there is always a missing sock after a laundry load, then have a picnic!
Here are a couple of things from last week/end.

-I am completely in love with the earrings, the weirdest part is that I they appeared in my dream the night before I stumbled upon them! Fate? I think so!

- Ive been running at least 3 miles everyday to get me ready for Iron Girl '12!

-Discovering new bloggers is mah thang! I love cakies, gypsies and thieves,and nat the fat rat.

-Riding a motorcycle in the rain is not as cool as it seems. Feels like pebbles are being thrown @ you!

-I went to the shooting range this weekend and ended with this injury

-I realized living with my family is the most awesome part of my life right now.

- I purchased these these today! So excited and can't wait to start using them!

-Getting closer to God and putting your trust in him is the BEST thing you can do.

- I want this blender. REALLY bad.

- My mom bought 3 Costco size bags of Spinach and decided to make a spinach pesto sauce to back it in. Recipe coming soon!

I really hope that this week I can continue with training for Iron Girl and eating healthy. I hope the weather is nice so I can sneak in a few park walks and can ride my bike to work instead.

How do you plan to make this week fabulous?! (:

<3 Stef

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