Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dog Walkin'

Ahh, the joy of dog walking. There is nothing better than walking your dog on a wonderful spring day, in which you can feel a slight breeze on your cheeks and smell the blooming flowers. Ever since I was young, I always thought as walking with your dog and your significant other to be the most romantic thing ever. It always seemed like one of those milestones in the dating realm. You know, those moments in your relationship in which you reach a point where you can be more comfortable with one another. For ie; you have the "i don't always have to wear makeup" milestone which makes you realize that he really doesn't care all that much about lipstick. There's the "lets stay in and do takeout&seinfeld reruns" milestone which me and Isaac seem to be stuck in for the last year or so, Seinfeld lovers; indeed we are!, Then there's the "let's walk the pups & grab coffee" milestone. (Which i might add, there are never any walking distance coffeeshops around, blah!) where it is learned to appreciate the presence & conversation alone of the one you love. Yesterday was one of those days, kinda, minus the romantics&coffee. The weather was exquisite & the grass outside was beautiful (Yes, Vegas does have some grass beleive it or not! Considering this lol) and what better way than to spend some time outside! So we decided to head outdoors for abit with Isaac's nieces and soak up some well deserved fresh air!

Who needs monkey bars?! Not these gals!

I love this picture of Alex. She looks so glam!

 Doing what he does best, looking handsome! (:

Kandy PhotoBOMB!

She made a quick smile, so glad I caught it!

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