Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color is Amazing

  i love anything that is colorful. Anything that is bright and blossoms with varieties of shades makes my heart patter as if it was love at first sight. Doesn't color just make everything better? I mean would you rather eat plain beige macarons or some awesomely amazing colorful ones like the babies pictured above? Yeah, i thought so. (: & so you ask yourself, if color is so amazing, why are we the daily slaves to to the neutrals and plains in our everday life? In our makeup, clothing, decorations, and cars. ( I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a car in a mint green?). Why do we boast these colors and hold them proud and high, not acknowledging the rest of the colors around us. Its the colorful hues that makes us realize how awesome it is that we don't live in a black and white world. Variety is good. Identical is boring. Being different is beauty and being mismatched is perfection!

think about it, there might be one blue, but there are over 57 hues of the same color. All different, not one the same. Cerulean, sky, navy, true, egyptian, cornflower, tiffany blue! So many kinds, and gosh darn it, that just excites me. God made us all like these different dyes. He loves diversity and contrast, and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Iridescence is what flows within us, glow is what shines through us. Never forget how exquisite you really are. Never forget that God created you with his perfect will in mind. So next time you feel like the odd one out, the jagged puzzled piece, or just plain different than everyone else. Rejoice! For Colorful is different! & Different is beauty!

<3 Stef

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